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To use this template, copy the following code and fill in the appropriate fields.


 |image           = 
 |cost            = 
 |best price      = 
 |premium         = 
 |limited         = 
 |unlock          = 
 |time            = 
 |produces        = 
 |chance of token = 
 |collection      = 
 |size            = 
 |action          = 
 |theme           = 


 |image           = ba-the_haunted_mansion.png
 |cost            = {{Gems}}150<br />FREE <small>([[Enchanted Chests]])</small>
 |best price      = {{Gems}}75<br /><small>[[Attraction Sales|Attractions Sale 2016]]</small>
 |premium          = {{Check}}
 |limited          = {{No}}
 |unlock          = [[Enchanted Chests|Attraction Enchantement Chest]]
 |time            = Instant
 |produces        = {{XP}}9, {{EC|NBC}}99 <small>(during event)</small><br />{{XP}}9, {{Magic}}99 <small>(after event)</small>
 |chance of token = {{Token|Fabric White Blue Pattern}} {{Token|Fabric Orange Pattern}} {{Token|Sally,3}} {{Token|Oogie Boogie,3}}
 |collection      = 4h
 |size            = 12x12
 |action          = Haunting the Walls
 |theme           = [[:Category:Frontierland|Frontierland]]

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