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This template is used to display the Mini Event Name.

Template background

See Help:Templates for some background on how templates work.


No. Parameter Name Description Default
1 Name Mini Event name
2 Number Event Number

- Multiple Numbers are possible, separated by ','

3 Options Output Format Options

- Some Options are mutually exclusive

Fixed Formats

- The fixed formats take precedence, in the order below

C = Count ME occurrences
Fixed output string
E = Event Page Format
Table Row, with columns:-
1. NPC Icon
2. Short Name
3. Start/End Dates without year
T = Timeline Page Format
1. Icon and Short Name
2. Start/End Dates with year
Parameter 4 can be used to display
- '' = italic
- ''' = bold
K = toKen Page Format
Table Row with columns:-
1. Icon
2. Full Name with Sub-Text
Parameter 4 contains the Sub-Text
L = Latest Info Main Page Format
Short Name with small Date
G = NPC Generated Info Attraction Page Format
No ME Number = generated NPC during ME
Single ME Number = generated NPC during ME#
Start ME, End ME = generated NPC from Start# to End#
Start ME, 0 = generates NPC since Start#
R = ME (Milestone/Leaderboard) Rewards
Parameter 4 contains Alternate Text to be displayed
Supports variables
%P = Pagename Plural form (s added to end if needed)
%p = Pagename Singular form (s removed from end if present)
Parameter 5 contains Milestone/Leaderboard information

Customizable Display Format Options

F = Full Mini Event Name
9 = Include Mini Event Number
S = Short ME Name
D = Append Mini Event Date(s)
A = Alternate Display Text
Parameter 4 contains the Alternate Text
"F" when Number specified
"S" when Number not specified
4 Alternate Text Alternate text inputs required for different Display Options
5 Reward Type Milestone/Leaderboard Information
First Character =
Second Character to End = milestone # or leaderboard tier
Single Number = Number MS/LB
Number,Number = Number and Number MS/LB
Number-Number = Number to Number MS/LB


 |Mini Event Name [e.g. Fly Free!]
 |Mini Event Number [e.g. 3] (Optional)
 |Output Options (Optional)
 |Text (Optional)


|{{ME|Fly Free!}}
|{{ME|Fly Free!|2}}
|{{ME|Fly Free!|2|F}}
|{{ME|Fly Free!|2|9}}
|{{ME|Fly Free!|2|9S}}
|{{ME|Fly Free!|1,2|9D}}
|{{ME|Fly Free!|2|A|Alternate Text}}

{{ME|Fly Free!|2|R||L1-3}}

Results in...

Fly Free! Mini Event
Fly Free!
Fly Free! Mini Event
Fly Free! Mini Event #2
Fly Free! #2
Fly Free! Mini Event #1 and #2 on the 9th February 2018 and 11th May 2020
Alternate Text
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