This template is used to display Items List in the Enchanted Chests reward tables.

Template background

See Help:Templates for some background on how templates work.


  • The first argument is the Items List.
    • Items must be separated by a exclamation mark (!).
  • Both parameters are case-insensitive and are converted to lower case.
  • The second argument is the File prefix (Cos, Ba, Bc, D, Pf).
  • The third argument, if present, specifies the image display height in pixels (default=50). Limited to actual height of the image (150)
  • The fourth argument, if present, adds the File Suffix


 |Items List [e.g. Nightmare Before Christmas!Frozen]
 |File prefix [e.g. Pf for the "Parade Floats"] (Required)
 |Image Height (Optional, Default=50)
 |File Suffix [e.g. Float for the "Parade Floats"] (Optional)


|{{MultipleItems|Nightmare Before Christmas|Pf||Float}}
|{{MultipleItems|Nightmare Before Christmas!Frozen|Pf||Float}}
|{{MultipleItems|Nightmare Before Christmas!Frozen|Pf|75|Float}}
|{{MultipleItems|Pluto's House!Daisy's Diner|Ba|75}}

Results in...

Pf-nightmare before christmas
Pf-nightmare before christmas Pf-frozen
Pf-nightmare before christmas Pf-frozen
Ba-plutos house Ba-daisys diner
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