Character Dialogue
Li Shang Mulan... You haven't seen any of our scouts acting strangely lately, have you?
Mulan Hmm. Not since we pulled Yao off reconnaissance duty, no...
Mulan ... And even then, "picking a fight with a chicken in the middle of a mission" isn't THAT strange, for him. Why do you ask?
Li Shang *sigh* ... It's a long story.

The "Report" Report

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Li Shang and Mulan to discuss the report.
"Discuss the Report"
2h Refresh Token1, Template:EC-TTC250
Li Shang
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Li Shang ... And it just cuts off partway through what I THINK is a poem about how poorly defended our camp is?
Li Shang That's my best guess, anyway... The meter's so terrible that I can't even tell whether it's supposed to be threatening or not.
Mulan That's strange, all right... Can I have a closer look at that last page?
Li Shang Nothing would make me happier. Whatever that report could be, I'm sure I've looked at it for too long already...
Mulan But I haven't. And I'm sure I recognize that calligraphy from somewhere...


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