Character Dialogue
C-tia dalma-main Rest your head, child... my condition is not of your doing. I feel the magic in this place... and it is wrong. It binds me.
C-elizabeth swann-main (Oh good heavens--) I mean, of course! That must be the Curse. Will and I have been trying to dispel it, but--
C-tia dalma-main Good. You will continue... and I will be free. And in return... I will find you the ship of pretty Jack. Is it a bargain?
C-elizabeth swann-main YES! Ah... that is: Thank you, Miss Dalma. I'm glad we could come to an understanding!

The Claw-Cast Forecast

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-tia dalma-main
Level 1
Send Tia Dalma to look for Jack's Ship.
"Look for Jack's Ship"
4h Xp30, M-magic250
Character Dialogue
C-tia dalma-main I see a port... A Spanish port, eternally besieged... and a black-sailed ship at anchor. A ship I know well...
C-elizabeth swann-main Goodness! And you can tell all of that just by... ah... by throwing crab claws at a table?
C-tia dalma-main Do not question the ways of the maelstrom, Elizabeth Swann... Lest her drag you beneath the waves forever.
C-elizabeth swann-main ... RIGHT. I'll just... leave you to it, then.
C-tia dalma-main See that you do.


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