Character Dialogue
C-mulan-mulan Maybe I read Shang's letter wrong... I really thought he wanted to GO to the festival with me, not just hire me to organize it!
C-mulan-mulan He DID just hand me another letter a few minutes ago, though... maybe that one will be a little clearer.
C-mulan-mulan "Consultant Fa. The popular morale being paramount on this day, and the Empire being replete with pyrotechnic implements..."
C-mulan-mulan ... It goes on for a while, but I THINK he's telling me to launch fireworks and get everyone excited for the festival. Probably.

The Colors! The Colors!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Mulan to drum up excitement for the festival.
"Drum Up Excitement"
4h Xp5, Update-8-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-mulan-mulan That should be the last of today's firework stores, Shang! What do you think? Aren't they beautiful?
C-li shang-mulan Mulan! Yes... um. Very.
C-mulan-mulan So... Now that I'm off-duty... are you SURE there wasn't something you wanted to ask me?
C-li shang-mulan Something I wanted to... Oh! If it's about restocking our fuses, it's... um. Already on the schedule.
C-mulan-mulan Wow. For such a brilliant strategist, he sure has trouble taking a hint...


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