Character Dialogue
C-hans You know, I actually WAS here on official business. Well, technically, anyway.
C-hans My brothers thought it would be HILARIOUS to ship me off to every kingdom on the map to learn about proper diplomacy...
C-hans ...which means that I have diplomatic credentials to get me through the castle gate.
C-hans After a few meetings with officials... perhaps a bribe or two... Who knows? You COULD be looking at this Kingdom's future king...

The Corridors of Power

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Hans to infiltrate Arendelle Rink. *
"Infiltrate Arendelle"
6h Xp5, M-magic50

* Requires Arendelle Courtyard Rink

Character Dialogue
C-hans Well, THAT was a complete waste of time!
C-hans Oh, I was offered a position at the castle, just not the one I was hoping for.
C-hans I will be politely declining the job of "Sanitation Assistant to the Stablehand -- Junior Grade."
C-hans This kingdom's anti-corruption laws are REALLY thorough.
C-hans Though, they DID say I could work my way up to "Associate Grade" after fifteen years' service. Pass.


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