Character Dialogue
C-mr. incredible-ti Phew! What a morning! Seemed like every ten minutes somebody was calling out for hero work. I really broke a sweat out there.
C-mr. incredible-ti But one of the many things I love about not having an office job anymore...
C-mr. incredible-ti ... when you're feeling beat and there's an armchair calling your name, nothing's gonna keep you from clocking out early.

The Joys of Freelancing

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mr. incredible-ti
Level 1
Send Mr. Incredible to take a break at home. *
"Take a Break at Home"
10m Update-2-m-currency25

* Requires The Incredibles House

Character Dialogue
C-mr. incredible-ti Well, that was relaxing... until I checked the local news.
C-mr. incredible-ti Can you believe it? In the time it took me to finish my newspaper, five cats managed to get stuck in trees!
C-mr. incredible-ti Just goes to show, a Super's work is never done...


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