The Meadow is an attraction released with Bambi, The Tower Challenge Update on 30th May 2018. It is unlocked during the Wide Open Spaces quest when Thumper is Level 2.


The Meadow is the playground of the baby animals and close to Thumper's home. It is also where Bambi's mother was shot and killed. It has a small pond for drinking and where Thumper is scolded for not eating the stems and leaves of clover plants. Bambi meets his future wife Faline here.

Gophers appear as non-playable characters within this attraction.



Enchantment Requirements Time Rewards
Building Magic75,000 12h Autumn Leaves Token
Level 1 Common Blueprint Token20 Bambi Relic Token5 Autumn Leaves Token10 Magic2,000 4h Clover Token Magic+6
Level 2 Uncommon Blueprint Token15 Bambi Relic Token10 Autumn Leaves Token20 Magic5,000 6h Thumper Ears Hat Token Magic+7
Level 3 Rare Blueprint Token10 Bambi Relic Token20 Autumn Leaves Token30 Magic15,000 8h Butterfly Token Magic+11
Level 4 Epic Blueprint Token7 Bambi Relic Token50 Autumn Leaves Token40 Magic50,000 12h Bambi Ears Hat Token Magic+13
Level 5 Legendary Blueprint Token5 Bambi Relic Token100 Autumn Leaves Token50 Magic150,000 24h Two Drop Chances Token Magic+15

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
Level 2
Looking for Food
* The Meadow
2h Experience10, Magic75 Thumper Ears Hat Token Bambi Ears Hat Token
Level 3
Snacking on Clovers
* The Meadow
4h Experience13, Magic110 Flower Ears Hat Token Butterfly Token
Level 4
Exploring the Meadow
* The Meadow
Lvl 6
6h Experience20, Magic210 Tia Dalma Ears Hat Token
Level 6
Watching Gophers
* The Meadow
Lvl 6
6h Experience20, Magic210 Flower Token Pocahontas Ears Hat Token


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