Character Dialogue
C-anna-wir I think I'm going about this Royal Ice Skating Showcase thing wrong way...
C-anna-wir I mean, sure... reading about ice skating is helpful -- but there's nothing like experience, right?
C-anna-wir Yeah! I've just gotta get out there on the rink and give it my best shot!
C-anna-wir ... When I'm absolutely, positively sure that nobody else in the Kingdom is watching me do it!

The Practical Approach

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Anna to practice skating at the Ice Rink. *
"Practice at the Ice Rink"
2h M-xp10, Update-25-m-currency75

* Requires Arendelle Courtyard Rink?

Character Dialogue
C-anna-wir ... Oof.
C-anna-wir Okay! So, on the bright side, I think I invented a whole new school of ice skating just then!
C-anna-wir On the not-so-bright side... About three quarters of it is "sliding into a pillar by accident while you're sitting down."
C-anna-wir I don;t THINK I read about that in any of the ice-skating books I found...


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