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The Ringmaster is a premium character released with Dumbo Update on 19th March 2019, and is part of the Dumbo character collection.


The Ringmaster is a major character in Disney's 1941 animated feature film, Dumbo. As his name suggests, he is the head honcho of the circus in which most of the film takes place.


Level Requirements Time Rewards
Welcome M-gem500 Instant M-cross
Level 2 T-ip-dumbo5 T-the ringmaster-22 T-the ringmaster-32 M-magic10,000 36s M-gem1, Xp10
Level 3 T-ip-dumbo10 T-the ringmaster-23 T-the ringmaster-33 M-magic15,000 6m M-gem1, Xp12
Level 4 T-ip-dumbo20 T-the ringmaster-25 T-the ringmaster-35 M-magic22,500 35m M-gem1, Xp14
Level 5 T-ip-dumbo40 T-the ringmaster-210 T-the ringmaster-310 M-magic29,250 60m M-gem2, Xp17
Level 6 T-ip-dumbo50 T-the ringmaster-215 T-the ringmaster-315 M-magic38,050 2h M-gem2, Xp20
Level 7 T-ip-dumbo60 T-the ringmaster-225 T-the ringmaster-325 M-magic49,450 4h M-gem3, Xp23
Level 8 T-ip-dumbo70 T-the ringmaster-235 T-the ringmaster-335 M-magic64,300 8h M-gem3, Xp26
Level 9 T-ip-dumbo80 T-the ringmaster-250 T-the ringmaster-350 M-magic83,600 16h M-gem3, Xp29
Level 10 T-ip-dumbo100 T-the ringmaster-265 T-the ringmaster-365 M-magic108,700 24h M-gem5, Xp30

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
4 Give Instructions
* Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Lvl 3
60m Xp9, M-magic55
1 M-animation Thinking of Ideas 2h Xp10, M-magic75 T-ip-dumbo T-timothy q mouse-3
6 Train for the Show
* Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Lvl 6
2h Xp13, M-magic100
3 Talk with Acrobats
* Dumbo the Flying Elephant
4h Xp13, M-magic110 T-dumbo-3
2 M-animation Whisper Ideas M-c-timothy q. mouse
Lvl 2
4h Xp17, M-magic150 T-dumbo-2
7 Check on the Animals
* Dumbo the Flying Elephant
6h Xp16, M-magic155
5 Organize Circus Acts
* Dumbo the Flying Elephant
8h Xp20, M-magic200 T-shere khan-2
8 Sleep Talking
* Dumbo the Flying Elephant
M-c-timothy q. mouse
Lvl 6
12h Xp37, M-magic370
9 Collect Circus News
* Dumbo the Flying Elephant
M-c-timothy q. mouse
Lvl 9
12h Xp37, M-magic370
10 M-animation Attention All! 24h Xp45, M-magic375

The Ringmaster Storyline


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