The Tower Challenge (Nightmare Before Christmas) Event 2018

18th October 2018 - 2nd November 2018
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The Tower Challenge (Nightmare Before Christmas) Event 2018 is the sixteenth major event of Disney Magic Kingdoms, and the third Tower Challenge event. It started on 18th October 2018 and ended on 2nd November 2018.

The event is divided into 3 chapters and starts with the short quest An Ill Wind. Complete quests to progress in the event.

  • Chapter 1: 18th October - 23rd October
  • Chapter 2: 23rd October - 28th October
  • Chapter 3: 28th October - 2nd November


Maleficent's Tower is powered by three mysterious Crystals. Throughout the course of the three Chapters, you will need to deactivate the Crystals by "Challenging the Tower." Deactivate as many Crystals as you can to defeat Maleficent's Tower.

Challenging the Tower will earn you Event Points which will fill a progress bar. As it fills, you will earn milestone rewards. Fill it completely, and you will deactivate one of three mysterious Crystals. Event Points will also help you rank higher on the leaderboards giving you a chance to win even more rewards!


This event uses the limited time currency, Maleficent Coins (Update-20-m-currency).

Any Maleficent Coins a player has remaining are converted to Gems (40 max.) at the end of the event.

Players can earn more than M-gem35 Gems by Leveling Up The Mayor and completing quests during the event.


Chapter 1 An Ill Wind
Chapter 2 Let's Try That Again...
Chapter 3 That's Not Cricket!

Character Collections Required

Featured Characters

New Content

All of the new content released with the event. Some of the items listed may not be available again once the event is over.

Character Cost How to Unlock Available
The Mayor Update-20-m-currency1,000 Chapter 3 Whole event

Concession Cost How to Unlock Available
Barrel's Lollipop Stand 15,000 Points Chapter 1 Milestone 5 prize Whole event
Jafar's Lamp Stand 25,000 Points Chapter 2 Milestone 5 prize 23rd October
The Tweedles' Cap Stand 25,000 Points Chapter 3 Milestone 5 prize 28th October

Returning Content

Character Cost How to Unlock Available
Jack Skellington Update-20-m-currency1,500 Chapter 1 Whole event
Aladdin Update-20-m-currency1,500 Chapter 2 23rd October
Mad Hatter Update-20-m-currency1,500 Chapter 3 28th October

Attraction Cost How to Unlock Available
Jack's House Update-20-m-currency750 Chapter 1 Whole event
Streets of Agrabah Update-20-m-currency750 Chapter 2 23rd October
The Golden Afternoon Update-20-m-currency750 Chapter 3 28th October

Concession Cost How to Unlock Available
Maleficent Horns Stand FREE Mini Event leaderboard prize Whole event

Decoration Cost How to Unlock Available
Gargoyle Fountain 7,000 Points Chapter 3 Milestone 3 prize 28th October

Mini Event Leaderboard

Rank Rewards
1-50 Maleficent Horns Stand, Magical Chest, Update-20-m-currency1,000
51-150 Update-20-m-currency1,000, T-refresh2
151-300 Update-20-m-currency800, T-refresh2
301-500 Update-20-m-currency700, T-refresh2
501-750 Update-20-m-currency600, T-refresh1
751-1,000 Update-20-m-currency500, T-refresh1
1,001-1,400 Update-20-m-currency350, T-refresh1
1,401-1,950 Update-20-m-currency200, T-refresh1

Rank Rewards
1-10 Maleficent Horns Stand, Magical Chest, Update-20-m-currency1,000
11-50 Update-20-m-currency1,000, T-refresh2
51-100 Update-20-m-currency800, T-refresh2
101-250 Update-20-m-currency700, T-refresh2
251-450 Update-20-m-currency600
451-700 Update-20-m-currency500
701-950 Update-20-m-currency350
951-1,000 Update-20-m-currency200

Rank Rewards
1-10 Maleficent Horns Stand, M-gem15, M-magic3,500
11-25 M-gem15, M-magic3,000
26-50 M-gem10, M-magic3,000
51-100 M-gem7, M-magic2,500
101-200 M-gem5, M-magic2,500
201-250 M-magic2,500
251-500 M-magic1,500





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