Character Dialogue
C-dory-fn All right... Emo showed me the cove where Marlin is, and I'm PRETTY sure I can keep that in my head long enough to get him out!
C-dory-fn ... Or at least enough to ask him what I'm supposed to do if I forget, which... I think Marlin calls it a "support system"?
C-dory-fn Which always makes me think of Marlin holding me over his head, which is... You know, that's NEVER not a funny image. (Ha!)
C-dory-fn Wait... Oh my gosh, I have to get Marlin out of that cove! What can I use to get Marlin out of that cove?!

Think Outside the Sub

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom-fn Build the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.[1] 6h Xp5, Update-32-m-currency50
  1. Requires Dory Level 2
Character Dialogue
C-dory-fn Okay... I can do this. What can I see that could help me? Let's see... Water... Rocks... Sand... I like sand, but sand isn't--
C-dory-fn Wait... Is that... some kind of yellow whale? No... No, wait! It's a yellow... something! A boat! A big yellow... underwater-boat-thing!
C-dory-fn ... MAN, that's hard to say. Maybe it has a name? Yeah! Humans write their names on things all the time -- and I can read Human!
C-dory-fn Let's get in close and see if I can... "ARRR-GO?" Whoa... Wait till I tell little Argo he has a boat named after him!
C-dory-fn Oh, wait -- I missed a couple letters. Yeah, it says this boat is definitely "NOT Argo."


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