• Question1: Does STARS give some advantage after level 60?  (Or then stars are converted to Magic ?)

    Question2: Doe's the reward from Chests depends on the moment of mouse-click or is it totally independent? 

    Question3: Why sometimes there are lags in game during collecting magic/experience and sometimes everything is smooth? Does it depends on load factors of internet connection of Gameloft servers?

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    • 3: I find that it's just a loading thing. If I find it starts to lag, I have to close the program and open it back up again. After that, it is back up to speed until enough time passes for it to slow again. It doesn't take very long though, maybe three hours. It's not the greatest program

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    • As for me (I play it on Win10 on laptop) - the game works always smooth. Only during collection of Magic and Experience it seems it communicate with some distant server via internet and there is lag. But sometimes (in evening hours in Europe) it works smooth also during increasing the Magic and XP counters. 

      I completely stop the game after few minutes of gameplay. There are very rare 3 hours of running the game without restart of it. 

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    • I found this response from customer care about mechanics of chests on Gameloft forum: 

      We cannot control the items received by each player. This function is like a lottery in which it's all about chance.

      Opening chests gives you a chance to win one of many items and it does not in any way guarantee that you will win the one you wanted.

      Please note that some items are easier to obtain than others, but this is intended and it's a part of the mechanics of the game.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      Note that you are not supposed to receive the reward appearing at the moment you click. The reward you will receive is absolutely random.

      If it happens to receive the item you clicked on, this is a coincidence and not the way the chests work.

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    • It seems the lags in gameplay during accounting collected magic and experience was caused by "set as metered connection" setting in my Windows 10. During web-browsing the internet works faster, but in this game it caused lags.  

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    • Yeah, my windows 10 PC is laggy when I collect potions and experience.

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    • Is anyone else seeing quest coming up that are not in the walk thru. Yes I know it just updated yes I know I could be related. However I'm not far into the game.

      I am at the welcome sully part and I had that mission level Elizabeth swan to 3 to do there joint mission with will and Pluto level 10 mission. I completed the update nothing major happen. Then a day later I see this new quest I come saying build a pretzel stand as well as a Mickey emporium stand
      and a bench I think I might have down this before but I was not sure so I completed it. Next thing it has me doing is a quest called what's new. In it I send Mickey to daisy diner for like 8 hours but this all so seems like the missions I completed after I got daisy. So not sure if I should keep pushing or if I should wait it out.
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