• I have some speculations about upcoming content releases:

    •Lady and the Tramp - Nov 2019 | Coming to coincide with live action movie

    •Pinocchio - Feb 2020 | Released Feb 9, 1940 (80 Years Anniversary)

    •Onward - March 2020 | Release on March 6, 2020

    •Pocahontas - Late May to June 2020 | Released June 23, 1995 (25 Year Anniversary)

    •Soul - June or July 2020 | Release on June 19, 2020

    •The Aristocats - Dec 2020 | Released Dec 24, 1970 (50 year Anniversary)

    •101 Dalmatians - Jan or May 2021 | Released Jan 25, 1961 (60 Year Anniversary) or Live Action Cruella Movie in May 2021)

    •Hunchback of Notre Dame - June 2021 | Released June 21, 1996 (25 Year Anniversary)

    •Fox and the Hound - July 2021 | Released July 10, 1981 (40 Year Anniversary)

    And a few hopes but less facts to back it up:

    •The Emperor’s New Groove - Dec 2019 (or 2020 for 20 Year Anniversary)

    •Brave - April 2020

    •Up - May 2020

    •Hercules - Sep 2020

    •Robin Hood - Nov 2020 (or earlier please)

    These are just speculations, but I’m eager to see if they are correct. I know some movies were left out like Tarzan, Inside Out, and Ratatouille, but I couldn’t think of any reasoning for dates they’d come to the game. We will just have to see what the devs think are right for the progression of the game.

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    • Well, we can't really know when each event can be. In addition, there are no Events every month, there are also updates to the main story and the Tower Challenges.

      Lately other users have spoken in another thread that now in November a Tower Challenge about Frozen will arrive for the sequel (in the calendar rewards a Chest was shown as a clue to it). So an update about Lady and the Tramp should wait. (unless the characters are included in the main story as it happened with "Dumbo" and LeFou's Tower Challenge)

      Movies like "Onward" or "Soul", I don't think they are included at the same time of the premiere, since the characters are not yet known to the public and will not be familiar with them and the story.

      Two of the closest Events are probably "Pocahontas" and "Brave", to complete the Princess Comfy Costumes.
      In March a Tower Challenge is also likely to promote the remake of "Mulan".
      During the rest of 2020, I see several events likely with some of the films you have said, such as "Pinocchio", "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", "Hercules", "Ratatouille", "Inside Out"... Since they are several popular films expected by the players.
      But having more than 20 Walt Disney Animation films, and about 7 Pixar films, among other franchises that are missing in the game, and being at most about 5 events per year, it is difficult to know which exactly can be included.

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    • add scamp and angel for next update back to Spokane

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    • Chrisxx24 Don't worry, Angel is already in the game.

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    • scamp is in the game

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    • EmpressElsa123 he was refering to Angel from Lady and thr Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure who is not in the game along with scamp and most likely won't be unless the titular characters from the 1st movie are added. Also Chrisxx24 this wiki isn't run by anyone who actually works on the game. So asking here constantly for certain characters to be added isn't going to do anything sorry.

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    • David Alvinson I know, but I'm so sick of his spam that I don't know what to answer anymore.
      He often creates new accounts, always with the same spam, and although administrators block him, he continues with the same: the Disney Home Video sequel Lady and the Tramp II, or the live-action film 102 Dalmatians.
      He only does it to annoy other users.

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    • A FANDOM user
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