• Can you do something about all these recents edits and what not. I've looked at them and it's all just a big mess now and really confusing. The editis have messed up the actuall requirrments to get to some of these story lines too.

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    • Can you tell me what we need to upgrade those articles ?

      And if you have a good or bad criticism about my edits, tell it to my so that I can take it into account to progress.

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    • they aren't needed in my opinion. The storylines were fine the way they were. You've split them up more then they needed to be. And have got some of the unlock requierments wrong. For ecample The Lost Boys Hideout isn't needed to unlock Barbossa and the POTC attraction isn't needed to unlock John darling. In future I'l message you on your wall.

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    • Ok I will chage this tomorow.

      Thanks you.

      Kind regards

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    • A FANDOM user
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