• Hello, Now I still want some of the Disney Fairies in the game and I did listed down the characters as permanent characters.





    Clank (Premium Character)

    Bobble (Premium Character)




    Dr. Griffiths

    and Queen Clarion

    Also added with some event characters



    the Blue Fairy

    Jiminy Cricket

    Honest John









    But that's beside on the real subject I would like to discuss about. The real discussion is about having the House of Mouse nightclub be into the game. Like have it placed between Mainstreet's Treasure Room and Cinema Theatre. Maybe it could be added in for a reward of having the whole curse cleared and all the zones cleared off with all the space we needed. For the nightclub in the centre between the Cinema Theatre and Treasure Bank, it would have all of the characters have the night out with Mickey and Friends hosting.
    File:House of Mouse.png
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    • Instead of writing several forums, you better create a blog about the things you want to see, so you can edit it when you want to add something new.

      But please, do not fill it with images that do not provide help to the Wiki and are only for personal use.
      In case you want to use a Disney Wiki image, you better simply paste the URL.
      An example:



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    • Conrad But, you know that this is just a Wiki in which users add information about the game, right?

      I say this because there are often users who think that this is a website run by game administrators and that speak directly with them. (It isn't, it's just one more Wiki from Fandom)

      As Cdavymantias says, the most appropriate is to write a blog about these things. I made mine to share my ideas with other players that come in as Wiki users.

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    • That is cool! I should write my own one day. And I agree with you two. And plus, we should wait until the 20th anniversary of House of Mouse. 

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    • An update with the building and costumes of Mickey and his friends in the series would be pretty good to celebrate the anniversary.

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    • Yes, the characters would be fantastic with these costumes:
      Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pete

      (Another option for images, add links to them)

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    • @Cdavymatias I guess that makes sense. Though I just wanted to inspire you.

      @EmpressElsa123 I truly understand. I just didn't realized that at first.

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    • A FANDOM user
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