Character Dialogue
C-rabbit-ttc Look for Christopher Robin, you say? That's very thoughtful of you to ask, Pooh, but I'm re-upholstering my divan today, and--
C-winnie the pooh-ttc Oh bother. Then I suppose I shall have to have luncheon at your house instead of Christopher Robin's, after all...
C-rabbit-ttc A-as I was saying, OF COURSE I'll help you find Christopher Robin! Anything to keep you out of my-- I mean, to help a friend!

Three's a (Search) Party

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Rabbit to search for Christopher Robin.
"Look for Christopher Robin"
4h T-refresh1, Update-20-m-currency400
Character Dialogue
C-winnie the pooh-ttc Hello again, Rabbit! You haven't found Christopher Robin yet, have you? It's just that my tummy IS getting rather rumbly...
C-rabbit-ttc Oh no... I-I mean, why, no, Pooh, I can't say that I have!
C-rabbit-ttc But before you go eating all of my-- I mean, before you visit me instead, I DID find this mysterious note. Here -- look!
C-winnie the pooh-ttc Hmm... "At... Skol... Back... Too... Daye." Oh, bother. I never HAVE been good with notes.
C-winnie the pooh-ttc I would ask Christopher Robin to help me read it... but I would need to have found him already.


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