Character Dialogue
C-rabbit-wtp ... And that's the plan, Kanga! W-what do you think?
C-kanga-wtp Goodness... And my Roo thought of that whole thing all by himself? How very clever of him!
C-rabbit-wtp W-well... he DID have help from me, you know! Supervision, and such!
C-rabbit-wtp ... Anyway. The IMPORTANT thing is that we all work together to un-stick Pooh just as quickly as we can!

Three's a Crowd

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Roo to try and free Pooh!
"Try to Free Pooh!"
2h Xp5, Update-18-m-currency50, T-winnie the pooh-2
Character Dialogue
C-rabbit-wtp I-I don't understand it! Kanga distracted the bees with that bright knitted scarf, just like she was supposed to...
C-rabbit-wtp ...and you and I tried to climb the tree, just like WE were supposed to! WHY DIDN'T THE PLAN WORK?!
C-roo-wtp Aw... Cheer up, Rabbit! Maybe bees just like different-colored scarves than the one Mama was making!
C-rabbit-wtp Y-yes... Yes, you might be right, Roo. For all we know, those bees might prefer a nice paisley or tweed pattern, instead!
C-roo-wtp As the saying goes... you never can tell, with bees.


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