Character Dialogue
C-the ringmaster I run WDP Circus for many years... and for most of those, I don't mess around with new acts so much.
C-the ringmaster Some people say this is 'cause of how I don't get good ideas, but I say: NO! It's 'cause of how you don't mess with success!
C-the ringmaster But ever since Dumbo is such a sensation, I get to thinking... maybe I am not messing with success ENOUGH.
C-the ringmaster All I gotta do is visualize an idea even more super-stupendous than a flying elephant!

Three-Ring Brainstorm

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-the ringmaster
Level 1
Send the Ringmaster to think up new ideas.
"Think Up New Ideas"
2h M-xp5, M-magic50
Character Dialogue
C-the ringmaster I got it! Ohh, what an idea! Just picture it: Instead of one magnificent little flying elephant, I present to the audience...
C-the ringmaster ... TWO magnificent little flying elephants!
C-the ringmaster Ach... Now that I say this out loud, I see the problem.
C-the ringmaster Maybe I go to sleep and wait for a vision instead...


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