Character Dialogue
C-aladdin-wir Uh... Jasmine? Genie told me what you did for me... Don't worry -- I'm not mad! It was... I actually really needed the help.
C-jasmine-wir Oh, Aladdin... I'm glad. I know this festival is about ONE kind of great leader -- but that doesn't mean you can't be yourself!
C-jasmine-wir You're brave, and quick-thinking, and you always do what's right... And that's worth being confident about.
C-jasmine-wir Now... what do you think about spending a little time together? I think that's exactly the sort of thing a leader would do!

Time to Reflect (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Aladdin and Jasmine to enjoy the festival.[1]
"Enjoy the Festival"
12h Xp40, Update-25-m-currency225
Level 1
  1. Requires Aladdin (Prince Ali Costume) and Jasmine (Purple Dress) costumes
Character Dialogue
C-aladdin-wir Wow... everyone really went all out this year, didn't they? All the market stalls are decorated...
C-jasmine-wir I think there's going to be a feast in the main square, too! A lot of the merchants are inviting their families to celebrate.
C-aladdin-wir Yeah... I think I'll head over there myself, later on! I grew up there, just like them... we should really get to know each other.
C-jasmine-wir That's a wonderful idea! And do you know what... I can't think of any other rulers that could do the same.
C-aladdin-wir Yeah... Aladdin: Man of the People! I like the sound of that...


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