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Grant More Wishes

Did you know that Happiness decays over time? That's why it's important to visit your park often, and grant as many Wishes as possible.

Visitors will Wish for rides and characters, and when you grant their Wishes, your Happiness will increase!

- 25th May 2016



Tokens are collected to Welcome and Level up your characters, and they drop by chance!

There are various tiers of these drops: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

- 24th May 2016


Benefits of Parades

Other than looking cool, Parades are beneficial to your park, as they attract more Visitors and allow you to collect more Magic (5% bonus), Gems, and Tokens.

  • If you click on the treasure box icon, you can see what Tokens the float can drop.
  • And remember, Parade rewards drop by chance!

- 9th May 2016


Importance of Welcoming & Leveling Characters

You should always Welcome and Level characters for the following reasons!

  • More quests will be obtainable.
  • More character activities will be available to Welcome other characters quicker.
  • More attractions will be unlocked.

- 3rd May 2016


How to Bring More Visitors

Do you want to bring more visitors to your park?

- 29th April 2016


Crossplatform Compatibility

If you're on an iOS device but also want to play on your Android device with the same game account, you totally can!

This is because iOS and Android are crossplatform compatible.

- 15th April 2016


How to Add Facebook Friends

You can add friends from Facebook to collect some extra Magic for your park!

You can also "Add Friends" to invite your friends who don't play DMK (yet) or don't have their game linked to Facebook.

- 12th April 2016


Visitors & Wishes

Visitors, although they may Wish to see the same character as another Visitor, might want to see different tasks being performed.

If a Wish is being granted, the "clock" sign will appear on the Visitor's Wish bubble.

- 31st March 2016


Successfully Completing Quests

Are there any quests that aren't completing no matter how many times you send your characters to complete a task? This might be occurring because the wrong task is being given to them!

Tasks that are related to the quest are in darker blue color.

- 29th March 2016


How to Switch to Another Device

You can get the latest saved data onto another device.

- 25th March 2016

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