Character Dialogue
C-davy jones So. Back in the land of the living, am I? Well...
C-davy jones ... Either Calypso has devised some new torture to vex me with, or the fates have an unusual sense of humor. Or both.
C-davy jones Either way... Best I get the lay of the land. A visit to the local waterin' hole should show me what manner of place this is...

Today's Special: Octopus

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-davy jones
Level 1
Send Davy Jones to investigate Tortuga Tavern. *
"Investigate the Tavern"
12h M-xp30, M-magic250

* Requires Tortuga Tavern

Character Dialogue
C-davy jones Impossible...! No ambushes? No duels? Not even ONE?!
C-davy jones Me, a great hulkin' fish-beast stalkin' around the place glowerin' at the clientele -- and they, greeting me with a smile!
C-davy jones I'll grant ye, I haven't felt PARTICULARLY bloodthirsty since arrivin' here, but still...
C-davy jones It's an odd land indeed that invites dastardly sorts like myself to mingle with the common folk, provided we stay peaceable.
C-davy jones It seems the fates DO have an unusual sense of humor after all...


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