Character Dialogue
C-shenzi One thing I LOVE about bein' a hyena? We're matriarchal, baby!
C-shenzi That's a fancy word for sayin' the ladies call the shots! We're bigger than the boys -- AND we get first crack at the prey.
C-shenzi Now, the flip side of that is, if I ever DON'T keep an eye on Banzai and Ed? They're so dumb they'd trip right into a canyon.
C-shenzi *sigh* ... The things I gotta do to keep those guys alive long enough to get food for me...

Top of the Heap

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Shenzi to keep an eye out for her clanmates.
"Watch out for the Others"
6h M-xp5, M-magic50
Character Dialogue
C-shenzi Hmm... Well, at least they ain't doin' anything stupider than usual, this time. Besides Ed tryin' to eat his own leg again.
C-shenzi *sigh* ... I know he's, like, the "soul of the gang" and everything? But someday, I REALLY oughta just let him finish it.
C-shenzi Maybe he'd be less hungry for once! And anything that means more zebra meat for THIS gal... is worth lookin' into, you know?
C-shenzi Also, imagining him all lop-sided and everything... Heheh...! That's actually pretty funny.


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