Character Dialogue
C-the manticore-onward The path is clear, and my aim is clearer. I follow the Raven's Path to Sir Iandore... and TO VICTORY!
C-barley-onward (What--?! Seriously: HOW do you have so many awesome catchphrases?!)
C-the manticore-onward (If you had a thousand years' worth of time to think of 'em, you would, too.)

Trail of Triumph

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-the manticore-onward
Level 3
Send the Manticore to follow the Path of Ravens. *
"Follow the Path of Ravens"
4h Xp5, Update-39-m-currency50

* Requires Path of Ravens

Character Dialogue
C-the manticore-onward GASP! It's as we feared... There stands Sir Iandore, cornered -- an army of sprites seeking to wrest his staff from his hands!
C-ian-onward (What?! Can't I roll to... well, to NOT have that happen?)
C-barley-onward (Sure! That'll be an opposed Brawn check.)
C-ian-onward (Okay... Uh... that's a "2.")
C-the manticore-onward GASP! Sir Iandore's noodly little arms are powerless to fend off the extremely tiny miscreants!
C-ian-onward (... Wow. Thanks. Thanks for that.)
C-the manticore-onward (Sorry. Just trying to heighten the drama factor.)


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