Treasure Bank is an attraction released with the Cinderella, Enchanted Chests Update on 29th July 2016. It is unlocked during the Untitled quest.


Cursed chests can have their curse dispelled at the Treasure Bank. Move the cursed chest from its storage onto an open platform to dispel its curse. When the curse is dispelled you can then open the chest to get a reward. Some rewards, such as Magic and Experience, are collected the moment you open the chest! Rewards such as Attractions, Concessions, Decorations and Characters are moved to the Shop and Welcome screens.

Keep searching, dispelling curses and opening chests for great rewards. Good luck!


Slot Unlock
1 - 4 FREE
5 M-magic1,000
6 M-magic10,000
7 M-magic50,000

Slot Unlock
2 M-gem35
3 M-gem150



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