Tree, Sweet Tree (2) is where the Act 4:Frontierland ends....
Character Dialogue
C-wendy darling-main Now that I think about it, it's been some time since I last saw the Lost Boys. Oh, I hope they'll remember me!
C-peter pan-main Aww, of COURSE they'll remember you, Wendy!
C-peter pan-main Ever since you left Never Land, most of the stories I've told 'em have been about you.
C-wendy darling-main Why... Why, Peter! That's... Well, all I can say is... I'm honored.

Tree, Sweet Tree (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-peter pan-main
Level 3
Send Peter Pan and Wendy into the Hideout. *
"To the Hideout"
24h M-xp25, M-magic200
C-wendy darling-main
Level 5

* Requires Lost Boys' Hideout

Character Dialogue
C-wendy darling-main Oh, that was simply wonderful! I can't remember the last time I had such an attentive audience.
C-peter pan-main I'll say! The Lost Boys loved your story. And even listened all the way to the end, this time.
C-wendy darling-main *giggles* Oh Peter, I suppose that IS a compliment.
C-peter pan-main I can't WAIT for our next adventure together. I bet it'll be swell!


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