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Trouble in San Fransokyo! Event 2018

5th July 2018 - 31st July 2018
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Trouble in San Fransokyo! Event 2018 is the thirteenth major event of Disney Magic Kingdoms. It started on 5th July 2018 and ended on 31st July 2018.

The event starts with the quest Welcome a Prodigy. Complete quests to progress in the event. Purchasing Go Go unlocks her questline, Thirty Minutes or Less. Purchasing Fred unlocks his questline, We've Got Spirit!.

This event is similar to previous events, where NPCs have to be tapped, in this case Koi Blimps (Update-21-m-koi blimp), in order to complete quests and earn event currency.


This event introduced a new limited time currency, Medical Chips (Update-21-m-currency).

Any Medical Chips a player had remaining was converted to Gems (40 max.) at the end of the event.

Players can earn more than M-gem140 Gems by Leveling Up Big Hero 6 Characters and completing quests during the event.

New Content

All of the new content released with the event. Some of the items listed may not be available again once the event is over.

Character Cost How to Unlock Available
Go Go M-gem200 Whole event
Hiro Update-21-m-currency500 Welcome a Prodigy Whole event
Honey Lemon Update-21-m-currency2,500 Welcome a Chem Engineer 6th July
Fred M-gem275 10th July
Wasabi Update-21-m-currency10,000 Welcome a Physicist 10th July
Yokai Update-21-m-currency10,000 Welcome a Mask 20th July
Baymax Update-21-m-currency15,000 Welcome a Healthcare AI 20th July

Costume Cost How to Unlock Available
Baymax (Baymax Armor) Update-21-m-currency5,000 Baymax Level 2
20th July

Attraction Cost How to Unlock Available
Lucky Cat Café Update-21-m-currency4,500 Meow-pen for Business 6th July
San Fransokyo City M-gem150 10th July
Frederickson Grounds Update-21-m-currency10,000 Wasabi Level 2
Hello, Heathcliff!
10th July
Ito Ishioka Robotics Lab Update-21-m-currency15,000 Yokai Level 2
Further Study Required
20th July

Concession Cost How to Unlock Available
Baymax Bao Stand M-gem60 Whole event
Baymax Backpack Stand M-gem60 20th July

Decoration Cost How to Unlock Available
Bonsai Planter FREE Magical Chests 12th July
San Fransokyo Bench FREE Magical Chests 12th July
Zen Fence FREE Magical Chests 12th July
Golden Botfighter Trophy FREE Magical Chests
Striking Gold Mini Event
12th July

Parade Float Cost Available
Big Hero 6 Float M-gem50 Whole event

Returning Content

Concession Cost Available
Ramen Concession M-gem60 Whole event
Sushi Concession M-gem60 Whole event

Mini Events

Name Available
Update-12-m-hyena That's Not Funny! 6th - 8th July
Update-21-m-gold trophy Striking Gold 9th - 11th July
Update-2-m-cannon bot Cannon Fire! 12th - 14th July
Update-13-m-golden scarab Beat Those Scarabs! 15th - 17th July
Update-21-m-gold trophy Striking Gold 18th - 20th July
M-wish-content Wish Granter 21st - 23rd July
Update-7-m-cloud Storm Clouds 24th - 26th July
Update-21-m-gold trophy Striking Gold 27th - 29th July



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