Character Dialogue
C-miguel rivera-coco Hmm... My guitar is tuned... I didn't miss any notes... It was actually a really good performance! Uh... not to brag, or anything.
C-miguel rivera-coco So why did it go over so... "bleh"?
C-miguel rivera-coco It's not the audience's fault or anything, but maybe I have to think of some better way I can connect with them...


Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-miguel rivera-coco
Level 2
Send Miguel to brainstorm some new ideas.
"Brainstorm Some New Ideas"
6h M-xp5, Update-34-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-miguel rivera-coco Oh! I know: a theme! I should pick a theme!
C-miguel rivera-coco Playing whatever I want is fun, but telling a real story with my songs... that's a great way to connect with people!
C-miguel rivera-coco I read this letter in Mamá Coco's book... she talked about these little shows that her and Héctor and Imelda would put on.
C-miguel rivera-coco ... Why don't I try to do that here, too? Yeah! A tribute to my family: the way they were, and the way they are today!
C-miguel rivera-coco I gotta work on my set list right away -- I'm getting excited already!


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