Character Dialogue
C-jack skellington-ttc ... That's EXACTLY why I came to you first, Sally! I cab't just go gallivanting all over town the moment something seems amiss!
C-jack skellington-ttc Tht way only heartbreak lies... or accidentally ruining someone else's holiday.
C-jack skellington-ttc No... I need you by my side! If I'm ever going to figure out who's been scary-ing up this place, then WE need to do it together!
C-sally-ttc Oh, Jack... Thank you for thinking of me! I'll do my best to help... Let's start searching right away!

Two Skulls Are Better

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-jack skellington-ttc
Level 1
Send Jack & Sally to search for the culprit.
"Search for the Culprit"
2h T-refresh1, Update-20-m-currency200
Level 1
Character Dialogue
C-jack skellington-ttc Whoever the culprit is, they're being COMMENDABLY sneaky about it... or invisible. What about you, Sally? Did you see anything?
C-sally-ttc Well... yes, but... it was only one of my visions. There was this dark, shadowy tower, you see, and...
C-jack skellington-ttc GREAT GIBBERING GHOULS! What is Oogie Boogie doing here?!
C-sally-ttc Oh. Never mind, then...
C-jack skellington-ttc Why, that old bag of bugs practically has "culprit" written all over him!


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