Character Dialogue
C-captain barbossa I've sailed everywhere from the Spanish Main to the Java Sea to the ends of the earth...
C-captain barbossa I thought there was nary a corner of the world I hadn't clapped eyes on. And yet... here we are.
C-captain barbossa Which means... by sundown tonight, I'll either be rich, or have a ruddy CONTINENT named after me. Perhaps both!

Uncharted Waters

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-captain barbossa
Level 3
Send Barbossa to explore the Kingdom.
"Explore the Kingdom"
2h M-xp30, M-magic250
Character Dialogue
C-captain barbossa ... Hang and BLAST it! Of all the scurvy, DISAPPOINTIN'... It's all LAND!
C-captain barbossa Nothin' but land as far as the eye can see... with only a scanty bit of shallow coast and a river or two to break the monotony!
C-captain barbossa Don't know how familiar y'are with my line of work, but without a good stretch of open sea? It gets a mite difficult.
C-captain barbossa And Barbossa ain't a common LAND burglar, I'll say that much. I'd hardly be able to live with myself...


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