Character Dialogue
C-hercules-hercules Did you find anythings out, Meg? You were talking to my dad for a while in there, and--
C-meg-hercules (Shh! Ix-nay on the eading-questions-lay, Wonderboy. If Hades hears what I just heard, our plan is toast!)
C-meg-hercules (Let's find somewhere out of the way, pretend like we're making eyes at one another, and I'll tell you everything quietly.)
C-hercules-hercules (O-Oh! Okay... Sure -- let's do that!)

Under the Radar

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Hercules & Meg to talk in the Statue Garden. *
"Talk in the Statue Garden"
2h Xp5, Update-41-m-currency50
Level 6

* Requires Statue Garden

Character Dialogue
C-meg-hercules (... So that's the play-by-play. I know it's not exactly your style, but... do you think you're up for it?)
C-hercules-hercules (Of course! If he doesn't take the bait, I can always just knock him out. It's a good plan, Meg. A REALLY good plan.)
C-meg-hercules (I know we're talking about how to take the lord of the Underworld down a peg, but you sure know how to make a girl blush.)
C-hercules-hercules (Likewise!)


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