Character Dialogue
Li Shang Now that we HAVE an encampment... I still do need to inspect it. Imperial Army protocol, I'm afraid.
Li Shang I don't know how widely known my unit is, but they can get a little... ah... "Spirited." When they're not on duty.
Li Shang ... If there's anything in there that's more breakable than usual, we'll want to know in advance.

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Character Requirements Time Rewards
Li Shang
Level 2
Send Shang to inspect the Training Camp.[1]
"Inspect the Training Camp"
2h Experience5, Dragon Coins50
  1. Requires Training Camp
Character Dialogue
Li Shang Well! My expectations are MORE than met. This is certainly a tight outfit!
Li Shang Ah... Might want to disregard any noise complaints between the hour of the Rat and the hour of the Tiger, though.
Li Shang ... Better make that the hour of the Rabbit, actually. Morning mess has been rowdier than usual lately.


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