Bob the Builder Fan 547

aka Jack Williams

  • I live in Coventry
  • I was born on November 8
  • I am Male
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(My Attractions)
(My Attractions)
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'''Total attractions:'''  74 / 157
'''Total attractions:'''  75 / 157

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Hello, my name is Jack Williams, and I am a player for Disney Magic Kingdoms. I have started playing this game before the Winnie the Pooh event started. I hope to have everything in the game soon, and my current game level is Level 39. 

My Characters 

Here are all of the characters that I have unlocked so far in the game. The black icons mean that I haven't unlocked some of the other characters yet. 

Main Story's Characters

The Sword in the Stone    C-merlin

Cc-mickey and friends-l    C-mickey mouse C-minnie mouse C-donald duck C-daisy duck C-goofy Pluto C-chip C-dale C-pete

Cc-ducktales-l    Scrooge McDuck Huey Dewey Louie

Cc-toy story-l    C-woody C-buzz lightyear C-jessie Bullseye C-rex C-hamm C-bo peep C-sarge C-toy alien C-zurg Forky Ducky Bunny

Cc-cinderella-l    C-cinderella C-prince charming C-fairy godmother Lady Tremaine C-anastasia tremaine C-drizella tremaine

Cc-peter pan-l    Peter Pan Wendy Darling John Darling Michael Darling C-tinker bell C-captain hook

Cc-pirates of the caribbean-l    Jack Sparrow C-will turner C-elizabeth swann Captain Barbossa Tia Dalma Davy Jones

Cc-monsters inc-l    C-sulley C-mike wazowski Boo C-celia mae C-roz C-randall boggs

Cc-wall-e-l    WALL-E C-eve

Cc-tangled-l    C-rapunzel C-flynn C-pascal Maximus Mother Gothel

Cc-sleeping beauty-l    C-aurora Prince Phillip C-flora C-fauna Merryweather

Cc-zootopia-l    Judy Hopps Nick Wilde Chief Bogo Flash

Cc-bambi-l    Bambi Thumper Flower

The Jungle Book    Mowgli Baloo Bagheera King Louie Shere Khan

Cc-dumbo-l    Dumbo Timothy Q. Mouse The Ringmaster

Cc-star wars-l    R2-D2 C-c-3po

Events' Characters

Cc-the incredibles-l    Mr. Incredible C-elastigirl Violet Parr Dash Parr Jack-Jack Parr C-frozone Syndrome

Cc-nightmare before christmas-l    C-jack skellington C-sally Zero The Mayor Oogie Boogie

Cc-frozen-l    C-anna Elsa Olaf Kristoff C-sven Prince Hans C-ryder Honeymaren Bruni

Cc-mulan-l    Mulan Li Shang Mushu Cri-Kee

Cc-beauty and the beast-l    Belle C-beast Lumière C-cogsworth Mrs. Potts Chip Gaston LeFou

The Lion King    Simba Nala Zazu C-rafiki C-timon C-pumbaa Scar Shenzi Banzai Ed

Cc-aladdin-l    C-aladdin Jasmine Abu The Genie C-carpet C-the sultan Rajah Jafar C-iago

Cc-alice in wonderland-l    Alice C-mad hatter The March Hare The White Rabbit The Cheshire Cat The Blue Caterpillar The Queen of Hearts

Cc-snow white and the seven dwarfs-l    Snow White C-doc Grumpy Happy Sleepy Bashful C-sneezy Dopey The Prince The Evil Queen

Cc-winnie the pooh-l    Winnie the Pooh Piglet Tigger Rabbit Eeyore Kanga Roo Christopher Robin

Cc-lilo & stitch-l    Lilo Stitch C-nani Jumba Jookiba C-pleakley Cobra Bubbles Angel

Cc-big hero 6-l    C-hiro Baymax Go Go Tomago Honey Lemon Fred Fredrickson Wasabi Yokai

Cc-the little mermaid-l    Ariel Flounder C-sebastian C-scuttle King Triton Prince Eric Ursula

Cc-wreck-it ralph-l    C-ralph Vanellope von Schweetz Fix-It Felix Jr. Sergeant Calhoun Yesss Shank C-spamley

Cc-the princess and the frog-l    Tiana C-prince naveen Louie Mama Odie Charlotte La Bouff C-eudora Dr. Facilier

Cc-moana-l    Moana Tiana Tiana Heihei C-gramma tala C-chief tui C-sina

Cc-finding nemo-l    Marlin Dory C-nemo Bruce C-crush Squirt Hank

Cc-coco-l    C-miguel rivera Héctor Rivera Dante C-mamá imelda Mamá Coco Abuelita C-ernesto de la cruz

Cc-haunted mansion-l    The Bride

Cc-star wars-l    C-rey C-finn C-poe BB-8 Kylo Ren C-general hux First Order Stormtrooper

Total characters: 80 / 221 

My Costumes 

Here are the costumes that I have unlocked so far in the game. The blue rectangles mean that I haven't unlocked some of the other costumes yet.

Main Story's Characters

Events' Characters

Total costumes: 9 / 55

My Attractions

Here are all of the attractions that I have unlocked so far in the game. The black icons mean that I haven't unlocked some of the other attractions yet.

Ba-a homecoming celebration Ba-als toy barn Ba-alice in wonderland Ancestor's Shrine Animation Academy Ba-arendelle courtyard rink Ariel's Grotto Ba-astro orbiters Atlantica Aurora's Spinning Wheel Baloo's Oasis Ba-be our guest restaurant Ba-beasts castle Belle's House Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Ba-broomstick graveyard Ba-buzz lightyears astro blasters Ba-buzzztube Ba-california screamin Ba-cantina The Cave of Wonders The Chip and Dale Treehouse Ba-cinderella castle Ba-costume shop Crush's Coaster Ba-cyclops sushi Ba-daisys diner Davy Jones's Organ Ba-donalds boat Dr. Facilier's Voodoo Emporium Dumbo the Flying Elephant Eeyore's House Elsa's Ice Palace Ba-enchanted forest The Enchanted Tiki Room Ba-fairy hut Ba-fantasia gardens and fairways Fantasmic! (Enchantment Level 0) Ba-fantasy faire Ba-festival of the lion king The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Ba-finkelstein tower Ba-forest ice rink Ba-frederickson grounds Gaston's Tavern The Genie's Lamp Show Goin' Down the Bayou The Golden Zephyr Ba-goofys playhouse The Haunted Mansion The Second Haunted Mansion Ba-hollywood tower of terror Ba-its a small world Ito Ishioka Robotics Lab Ba-jacks house Ba-jessies snack roundup Ba-jet packs Jumpin' Jellyfish The Jungle River Drift Kaa's Jungle Gym The Kakamora Boat Lahui Beach Ba-land of the dead Lantern Attraction Ba-lilos house Little Rodentia The Lost Boys' Hideout The Lucky Cat Café Ba-mad tea party The Magic Mirror on the Wall Ba-main street cinema Ba-mama odies tree Ba-merlins shop Ba-mickeys fun wheel Ba-mickeys house Ba-mickeys philharmagic Mike and Sulley to the Rescue Ba-minnies house Moana's Boat Ba-monsters inc laugh floor The Musical Celebration Niceland Ba-nightmare candy shop 'Ohana Ba-omnidroid obstacle course Ba-parade tent Peter Pan's Flight Pirates of the Caribbean Ba-pixie hollow Ba-pizza planet Pluto's House Pooh's Hunny Hunt The Primeval Whirl Ba-prince charmings regal carrousel Ba-princess dressing room Ba-princess fairytale hall Ba-rabbits house Ba-rapunzels tower RC Racers The Reflections of China Ba-resistance speeders Resistance X-wing The Rivera Familia Home San Fransokyo City Ba-santa cecilia market shop Ba-sea serpent swing The Seven Dwarfs' Cottage Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Slaughter Race Slinky Dog Dash Ba-snow whites scary adventures Ba-snuggly duckling Ba-space mountain Ba-space traders Ba-splash mountain Star Adventurer Ba-steamboat willie Stitch's Great Escape The Stone Giant Waterfall Ba-streets of agrabah The Sword in the Stone Ba-syndromes zero point energy rings Tamatoa's Lair The Barnstormer Ba-the circle of life Ba-the golden afternoon Ba-the incredibles house Ba-the internet The Jolly Roger The Kraken Ba-the lotus fountain The Magic Carpets of Aladdin The Magic Lamp Theater The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh The Meadow The Money Bin The Omnidroid City Ba-the seas with nemo and friends The Tweedle's Wacky Fairway Tiana's Palace Ba-tortuga tavern Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop Toy Story Mania Ba-training camp Ba-treadspeeder base The Tree of Life The Troll Knoll Under the Sea Ursula's Lair WALL-E's House Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress The Wandering Oaken's The Water Spirit Wave Ride The Western Arcade The White Rabbit's House The Zootopia P.D. The Zootopia Race Track

Total attractions:  75 / 157

NOTE: I didn't include the Treasure Bank because it's no longer in the game. 

My Parade Floats

Here are all of the parade floats that I have unlocked so far in the game. The black icons mean that I haven't got some of the other parade floats yet.

Pf-mickey and friends DuckTales Pf-toy story Pf-cinderella Peter Pan Pirates of the Caribbean Monsters, Inc. Pf-wall-e Tangled Pf-sleeping beauty Zootopia Pf-bambi The Jungle Book Dumbo Pf-the incredibles The Nightmare Before Christmas Frozen Mulan Beauty and the Beast The Lion King Pf-aladdin Alice in Wonderland Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Winnie the Pooh Lilo and Stitch Big Hero 6 The Little Mermaid Wreck-It Ralph The Princess and the Frog Moana Finding Nemo Coco Star Wars

Total parade floats: 8 / 33

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