• I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • I am Female

I'm EmpressElsa123, welcome to my user page. I'm a big fan of Disney's productions since I was a little girl.

My favorite characters

  1. Elsa
  2. Judy Hopps
  3. Goofy
  4. Donald Duck
  5. Buzz Lightyear

My blogs

Characters Groups

Sensational Six

C-mickey mouse C-minnie mouse C-donald duck C-daisy duck C-goofy C-pluto

Disney Princesses

C-snow white C-cinderella C-aurora C-ariel C-belle C-jasmine C-pocahontas C-mulan C-tiana C-rapunzel C-? C-moana

Ultimate Heroes *

C-aladdin C-simba C-beast C-? C-mr. incredible C-? C-? C-buzz lightyear C-prince phillip C-mickey mouse
C-peter pan C-woody C-? C-bambi C-tramp C-stitch C-marlin C-? C-sulley C-prince eric
C-? C-li shang C-? C-? C-jack skellington

Ultimate Heroines *

C-belle C-mulan C-ariel C-jasmine C-pocahontas C-? C-? C-cinderella C-elastigirl C-nala
C-? C-aurora C-? C-snow white C-lilo C-dory C-alice C-violet C-? C-lady
C-wendy darling C-? C-jessie C-? C-?

Ultimate Villains *

C-maleficent C-jafar C-scar C-the queen C-ursula C-? C-captain hook C-? C-lady tremaine C-?
C-gaston C-shere khan C-? C-? C-queen of hearts C-? C-? C-? C-? C-?
C-? C-? C-pete C-? C-? C-? C-randall boggs Ba-kaas jungle gym C-? C-captain barbossa

Villains' Lairs

Ba-steamboat willie Ba-magic mirror on the wall Ba-the jolly roger Ba-ursulas lair Ba-gastons tavern Ba-omnidroid obstacle course Ba-dr. faciliers voodoo emporium Ba-kakamora boat Ba-tamatoas lair

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