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The Characters I’ve welcomed in my Kingdom:

Permanent Characters

The Sword in the Stone    C-merlin

Cc-mickey and friends-l    C-pluto C-mickey mouse C-minnie mouse Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-goofy C-daisy duck C-donald duck C-pete Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-chip C-dale

Cc-ducktales-l    C-huey C-dewey C-louie

Cc-toy story-l    C-zurg C-jessie C-woody C-buzz lightyear Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-bo peep C-hamm C-sarge C-rex Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-bullseye C-toy alien Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-ducky C-bunny C-forky

Cc-cinderella-l    C-cinderella C-prince charming C-fairy godmother Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-anastasia tremaine C-drizella tremaine C-lady tremaine

Cc-peter pan-l    C-peter pan C-wendy darling C-tinker bell Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-michael darling C-john darling C-captain hook

Cc-pirates of the caribbean-l    C-elizabeth swann C-jack sparrow C-will turner Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-captain barbossa C-tia dalma C-davy jones

Cc-monsters inc-l    C-mike wazowski C-sulley C-boo Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-roz C-celia mae C-randall boggs

Cc-wall-e-l    C-wall-e C-eve

Cc-tangled-l    C-mother gothel C-flynn C-pascal C-rapunzel C-maximus

Cc-sleeping beauty-l    C-aurora C-prince phillip Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-flora C-fauna C-merryweather

Cc-zootopia-l    C-judy hopps C-nick wilde C-chief bogo

Cc-bambi-l    C-thumper C-bambi

The Jungle Book    C-bagheera C-mowgli Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-baloo C-king louie C-shere khan

Cc-dumbo-l    C-the ringmaster C-dumbo C-timothy q. mouse

Cc-star wars-l    C-c-3po C-r2-d2

Event Characters

Cc-the incredibles-l    C-dash C-elastigirl Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-frozone

Cc-nightmare before christmas-l    C-zero C-jack skellington C-sally

Cc-mulan-l    C-mulan C-mushu

Cc-frozen-l    C-anna C-elsa C-olaf Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-kristoff Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-ryder C-honeymaren C-fire spirit

Cc-beauty and the beast-l    C-belle C-beast C-cogsworth C-lumière Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-mrs. potts C-chip potts C-gaston C-lefou

The Lion King    C-zazu C-nala C-simba Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-timon C-pumbaa Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-banzai C-ed

Cc-aladdin-l    C-aladdin C-jasmine C-abu C-carpet Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-genie Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-rajah C-the sultan

Cc-alice in wonderland-l    C-alice C-mad hatter C-march hare C-white rabbit Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-queen of hearts C-cheshire cat

Cc-snow white and the seven dwarfs-l    C-bashful C-doc C-sneezy Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-dopey C-snow white C-prince charming (sw) Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-the queen C-sleepy

Cc-winnie the pooh-l    C-eeyore Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-kanga C-roo C-rabbit

Cc-lilo & stitch-l    C-nani Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-jumba C-cobra bubbles

Cc-big hero 6-l    C-hiro Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-go go C-honey lemon

Cc-the little mermaid-l    C-sebastian C-scuttle C-ariel C-prince eric Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-king triton C-ursula

Cc-wreck-it ralph-l    C-ralph C-vanellope C-fix-it felix jr. C-calhoun Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-spamley C-yesss C-shank

Cc-the princess and the frog-l    C-prince naveen C-tiana C-eudora C-charlotte la bouff Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-dr. facilier C-louis C-mama odie

Cc-moana-l    C-sina C-moana C-maui C-hei hei Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-chief tui C-gramma tala C-pua

Cc-finding nemo-l    C-nemo C-marlin C-dory C-hank Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-crush C-squirt C-bruce

Cc-coco-l    C-miguel rivera C-abuelita C-dante Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-mamá coco C-mamá imelda C-héctor rivera C-ernesto de la cruz

Cc-star wars-l    C-poe C-finn Symbol_Character_-_Mickey.png C-first order stormtrooper

Cc-haunted mansion-l   

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