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Attractions I wish to see in the game in future updates, mainly for possible future events (or at least, those that I think would be events in the game, from my list of possible future characters), that's why I only include four attractions, since there are usually four per event.

Note: This is just speculation.


Walt Disney Animation

β€’ Pinocchio :

Geppetto's Workshop ― Monstro ― Pinocchio's Daring Journey ― The Red Lobster Inn πŸ’Ž

β€’ 101 Dalmatians :

Radcliffes' House ― Hell Hall ― Cruella's Car ― Horace and Jasper's Car πŸ’Ž

β€’ The Aristocats :

Bonfamille's Residence ― Alley cats' apartment πŸ’Ž

β€’ Robin Hood :

Sherwood Forest ― Prince John's Carriage ― Castle of Nottingham ― Friar Tuck's Church πŸ’Ž

β€’ Pocahontas :

Grandmother Willow ― Pocahontas' Village ― Settlers Base

β€’ The Hunchback of Notre Dame :

Notre Dame ― Court of Miracles ― Palace of Justice

Pixar Animation

β€’ Brave :

Castle DunBroch ― Ring of Stones ― Witch's Cottage πŸ’Ž

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