Characters and costumes I wish to see in the game in future updates, or that I imagine that it is possible to appear in the game. And the possible stories that can happen (or at least, those that I think would be appropriate in the game), and possible tokens for the characters.

  • πŸ’Ž = Premium
  • πŸ”’ = Chest Prize
  • 🎈 = Classic Event with seven characters
  • πŸŽ‰ = Short Event with five characters
  • β™œ = Tower Challenges
    • 🐭 = Unlock with tokens for a limited time
  • ♻️ = Cascading Critter Event
    • πŸ† = Cascading Critter's main prize in third mini event (character without symbol is the prize in the first mini event)
  •  βœ³οΈ = More information (Pass the mouse cursor over the symbol)
  • β›” = Not so sure of a possible inclusion

l If you want to search for a specific franchise, you can consult the Glossary to go to the section where it is located.

In the list, I try to focus on the main four brands of The Walt Disney Company:

I only break this rule with franchises that are unrelated to these four that have been included in the Disney Parks, as in the case of "Indiana Jones".

   Note: As I said, these are characters that I want to see in the game. This is just speculation and theories of possible characters. I really do not know what kind of future updates there will be, or whether the future collections will be part of the game's main story or part of an event, or what characters will eventually be included, or the stories in the game.

1 In current collections

1.1 Game's main storyline
1.2 Events

2 In possible future updates

2.1 Game's main storyline
2.1.1 Walt Disney Animation
2.1.2 Pixar Animation
2.1.3 Walt Disney Pictures
2.1.4 TV Series
2.1.5 Theme Parks
2.1.6 Marvel Entertainment
2.1.7 Others

2.2 Events
2.2.1 Walt Disney Animation (Golden and Dark Ages)
2.2.2 Walt Disney Animation (Renaissance and Experimental Ages)
2.2.3 Pixar Animation
2.2.4 Walt Disney Pictures
2.2.5 TV Series
2.1.6 Marvel Entertainment
2.2.7 Others

3 Glossary

In current collections

Game's main storyline

β€’ Mickey and Friends :

Mickey Mouse: Sea Captain ― House of Mouse ― Musketeer
Minnie Mouse: Sea Captain ― House of Mouse ― Clubhouse
Donald Duck: House of Mouse ― Musketeer
Daisy Duck: House of Mouse ― Clubhouse
Goofy: Super Goof ― House of Mouse ― Musketeer
Pete: House of Mouse ― Musketeer
Clarabelle Cow: House of Mouse
Horace Horsecollar: House of Mouse
Gus Goose: House of Mouse

Clarabelle Cow: Clarabelle Bow
Horace Horsecollar: Horse Collar
Clara Cluck: Clara Cluck's Hat
Ludwig Von Drake: Test tube
Mortimer Mouse: Mortimer's Hat
Humphrey the Bear: Picnic Basket
J. Audubon Woodlore: Ranger Hat
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Blue Pants
Butch the Bulldog: Butch Collar
Phantom Blot: Ink Stain
Cuckoo-Loca: Wind-up Key

Some of the "House of Mouse" costumes would be great in an update with the House of Mouse club included. Maybe on some anniversary of the series (January 13).
Character's "Musketeer" costumes would be great in an update about Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers. Maybe on some anniversary of the movie (August 17).

β€’ DuckTales :

Launchpad McQuack ― Webby Vanderquack ― Mrs. Beakley ― Fenton Crackshell ― Beagle Boy ― Magica DeSpell ― Flintheart Glomgold
β›”: Bigtime ― Bouncer ― Burger (instead of a single Beagle) ― Duckworth ― Merlock

Scrooge McDuck: Christmas Carol
Huey: Halloween
Dewey: Halloween
Louie: Halloween
Fenton Crackshell: GizmoDuck

Launchpad McQuack: Aviator Cap
Webby Vanderquack: Quacky Patch Doll
Mrs. Beakley: Duster
Fenton Crackshell: Accountant Calculator
Beagle Boy: Prisoner Tag ("NAME Prisoner Tag" in the case of seeing different Beagle Boys)
Magica DeSpell: Magic Ball
Flintheart Glomgold: Scottish Cap
Duckworth: Butler Tray
Merlock: Merlock's Talisman

Within the "Mickey and Friends" Universe:

β€’ A Goofy Movie :

Max Goof ― P.J. ― Roxanne πŸ’Ž ― Bobby Zimuruski
β›”: Powerline

Goofy: A Goofy Movie
Max Goof: Pop Star

There are possibilities to see a collection about the film since in the game Pete wears the same clothes and drives the same caravan of the film. Also, just like "DuckTales", with Max in this collection the "Mickey and Friends" collection would not be occupied with too many characters.

Max Goof: Powerline Poster
P.J.: Video Camera
Roxanne: School Books
Bobby Zimuruski: Bobby's Sunglasses

β€’ The Three Caballeros :

Panchito Pistoles ― JosΓ© Carioca ― Aracuan Bird πŸ’Ž
β›”: Xandra

Collection: Flying Carpet
Panchito Pistoles: Panchito's Sombrero
JosΓ© Carioca: JosΓ© Carioca Hat
Aracuan Bird: Aracuan Bird's Shirt
Xandra: Golden Atlas

β€’ The Sword in the Stone :

Arthur ― Archimedes ― Madam Mim πŸ’Ž ― Kay ― Sir Ector
β›”: Sir Pellinore

Merlin: XX Century

Arthur: Excalibur
Archimedes: Archimedes' Bird House
Madam Mim: Playing Card
Kay: Arrow
Sir Ector: Sir Ector's Helmet
Sir Pellinore: Cup of Wine

An update may be possible when the live-action remake is released.
It would also be good to see Merlin as a playable character. And that he continues to appear in his shop when the players select it.

β€’ Toy Story :

Slinky ― The Prospector ― Lotso

Slinky: Slink
The Prospector: Pickaxe
Lotso: Lotso's Cane

β€’ Cinderella :

Jaq ― Gus ― Lucifer ― The Grand Duke ― The King

Cinderella: Maid

Jaq: Jaq's Hat
Gus: Gus' Hat
Lucifer: Lucifer's Food Bowl
The Grand Duke: Monocle
The King: The King's Crown

β€’ Star Wars :

Second update: Luke Skywalker ― Princess Leia
Third update: Han Solo ― Chewbacca ― Darth Vader
Fourth update: Yoda (maybe πŸ’Ž)

Second update: After unlocking C-3PO, Laia is unlocked and must find Luke and tell him that they must stop Darth Vader's plans. Luke would be the next to be unlocked.
Third update: To stop Darth Vader, Luke and Leia must search for Han Solo to take them on the Millennium Falcon (maybe as an attraction unlocked during this story). After unlocking Han, he would comment that he must find Chewbacca to help him as a co-pilot, who would be the next to be unlocked.
Once all gathered, they should face Darth Vader, as with other villains in the game, and he would be unlocked after being defeated. (also therefore, Vader would appear as an NPC walking around the kingdom before confronting him)

β€’ Peter Pan :

Mr. Smee
β›”: Slightly ― Cubby ― Nibs ― Tootles ― Tiger Lily ― Nana

Mr. Smee: Mr. Smee's Hat
Slightly: Slightly's Crossbow
Cubby: Cubby's Club
Nibs: Nibs' Sword
Tootles: Tootles' Slingshot
Tiger Lily: Tiger Lily's Diadem
Nana: Nana's Nursemaid Hat

β€’ Sleeping Beauty :

Aurora: Briar Rose ― Blue Dress ― Comfy

Maleficent: Maleficent's Staff
King Stefan: King Stefan's Crown
King Hubert: King Hubert's Crown

Obviously, Maleficent will have to appear as a playable character in the future. Although possibly once the main story is over. (After that, I can imagine it ceasing to appear on the Tower Challenges stage, and only appear in the introduction animation of the TC, and speaking as Merlin does)

β€’ Pirates of the Caribbean :

Joshamee Gibbs ― James Norrington ― Pintel ― Ragetti
β›”: Cotton ✳️

Captain Barbossa: Privateer

Joshamee Gibbs: Leather Flask
James Norrington: Commodore Hat
Pintel: Aztec Gold
Ragetti: Wooden Eye
Cotton: Cotton's Bandana

β€’ WALL-E :

Captain B. McCrea: Axiom Captain Hat
M-O: Axiom Logo

β€’ Tangled :

Rapunzel: Short Hair

Hook Hand: Hook Hand's Hook
Big Nose: Big Nose's Helmet
Sideburns Stabbington: Sideburns' Knife
Patchy Stabbington: Patchy's Patch

β€’ Zootopia :

Bellwether: Bellwether's Glasses
Mayor Lionheart: Fancy Cat Magazine
Clawhauser: Donut Box
Mr. Big: Little Chair

β€’ Bambi :

Faline: Purple Flowers
Friend Owl: Friend Owl's Feather
The Great Prince of the Forest: Prairie Grass

β€’ The Jungle Book :

Second Update: Hathi, Jr.
Third Update: Buzzie ― Flaps ― Ziggy ― Dizzy
(or vice versa)

β€’ Lady and the Tramp :

Aunt Sarah: Basket

β€’ Dumbo :

Jim Crow ― Fats Crow ― Deacon Crow ― Dopey Crow ― Specks Crow

Jim Crow: Jim Crow's Hat
Fats Crow: Fats Crow's Hat
Deacon Crow: Deacon Crow's Hat
Dopey Crow: Dopey Crow's Hat
Specks Crow: Specks Crow's Hat

β€’ Pocahontas :

John Smith: John Smith's Compass
Governor Ratcliffe: Ratcliffe's Hat
Chief Powhatan: Chief Powhatan's Headdress
Thomas: Thomas' Hat ― Thomas' Musket (during Tower Challenge)

β€’ The Emperor's New Groove :

Chicha ― Chaca ― Tipo ― Bucky the Squirrel πŸ’Ž

Kuzco: Emperor
Yzma: Laboratory
Kronk: Laboratory

Chicha: Frying Pan
Chaca: Feather Bag
Tipo: Stick With Hive
Bucky the Squirrel: Llama Balloon


β€’ The Incredibles :

β™œ: Edna Mode
🐭: Screenslaver ✳️
πŸ’Ž: Mirage ✳️

Mr. Incredible: Civilian
Elastigirl: Civilian
Violet: Civilian
Dash: Civilian

Edna Mode: Edna's Glasses ― Fashion Design Notebook (during Tower Challenge)
Screenslaver: Screenslaver Glasses
Mirage: Video Tablet

β€’ Nightmare Before Christmas :

β™œ: Dr. Finkelstein ✳️
β™œ: Santa Claus ✳️

Jack Skellington: Santa Jack πŸ’Ž/πŸ”’ ✳️✳️

Dr. Finkelstein: Soup Bowl ― Dr. Finkelstein's Glasses (during Tower Challenge)
Santa Claus: Sandy Claws' Hat ― Christmas List (during Tower Challenge)

β€’ Frozen :

β™œ: Grand Pabbie ― Duke of Weselton 🐭 ― Oaken πŸ’Ž

Anna: Princess Outfit πŸ’Ž ― Spring 🐭 ― Comfy 🐭 ✳️
Elsa: Queen Outfit πŸ’Ž ― Spring 🐭 ― Comfy 🐭 ✳️
Kristoff: Spring πŸ’Ž

Grand Pabbie: Glowing Crystal ― Rock (during Tower Challenge)
Duke of Weselton: Weselton Medal
Oaken: Oaken's Hat

With the winter theme of the franchise, the Tower Challenges are ideal to appear in some month of December.

β€’ Mulan :

♻️: Yao πŸ† ― Ling ― Chien Po πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Shan Yu ― Chi-Fu 🐭 ― The Emperor πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Fa Zhou ― Fa Li 🐭 ― Grandmother Fa πŸ’Ž

Yao: Yao's Scarf ― Bo-Staff (during Tower Challenge)
Ling: Ling's Scarf
Chien Po: Chien Po's Scarf
The Emperor: The Emperor's Hat ― The Emperor's Medallion (during Tower Challenge)
Chi-Fu: Clipboard
Shan Yu: Shan Yu's Sword
Fa Zhou: Fa Zhou's Cane ― Fa Zhou's Sword (during Tower Challenge)
Fa Li: Hand Fan
Grandmother Fa: Grandmother Fa's Bandana

The Tower Challenges are ideal to appear in some month of February, during the Lunar Year.

β€’ Alice in Wonderland :

β™œ: Dormouse ― King of Hearts 🐭 ― Dodo πŸ’Ž
β›”β™œ: The Walrus ― The Carpenter 🐭

Dormouse: Teapot ― Little Umbrella (during Tower Challenge)
King of Hearts: King of Hearts' Crown
Dodo: Dodo's Pipe
The Walrus: Walrus' Hat ― Walrus' Cane (during Tower Challenge)
The Carpenter: Hammer

β€’ Beauty and the Beast :

β™œ: Fifi ― Maurice πŸ’Ž

Belle: Winter
Gaston: Wedding Day

Fifi: Fifi's Maid Hat ― Fifi's Feather (during Tower Challenge)
Maurice: Maurice's Inventor Hat

β€’ Aladdin :

Jafar: Genie ― Beggar

β€’ The Lion King :

β™œ: Mufasa ✳️

I imagine Mufasa in this way: LINK

β€’ Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs :

The Queen: Witch πŸ’Ž/πŸ”’

β€’ Winnie the Pooh :

β™œ: Lumpy ― Gopher πŸ’Ž

Lumpy: Rumpledoodle ― Pirate Hat (during Tower Challenge)
Gopher: Lunch Box

β€’ Lilo & Stitch :

β™œ: Gantu ― Experiment 625 πŸ’Ž
♻️: David Kawena πŸ† ― Mertle Edmonds ― Grand Councilwoman πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Dr. HΓ€msterviel ― Sparky πŸ’Žβ›”

Stitch: Experiment 626 πŸ’Ž/πŸ”’

Gantu: Plasma Blaster ― Prison Capsule (during Tower Challenge)
David Kawena: David's Surfboard ― Flaming Torche (during Tower Challenge)
Experiment 625: Sandwich
Dr. HΓ€msterviel: HΓ€msterviel's Cap
Sparky: Experiment Pod
Grand Councilwoman: Grand Councilwoman's Shoulder Pads

β€’ Big Hero 6 :

β™œ: Aunt Cass ― Alistair Krei πŸ’Ž

Baymax: Armor 1.0
Hiro: Citizen
Go Go: Citizen
Wasabi: Citizen
Honey Lemon: Citizen
Fred: Citizen

β€’ The Little Mermaid :

β™œ: Grimsby ― Max πŸ’Ž ― Flotsam and Jetsam πŸ­βœ³οΈβœ³οΈβ›”

Ursula: Vanessa πŸ’Ž/πŸ”’

Grimsby: Grimsby's Scarf ― Grimsby's Pipe (during Tower Challenge)
Max: Max Lock of Hair
Flotsam and Jetsam: Glowing Eye

β€’ Wreck-It Ralph :

β™œ: King Candy ― Sour Bill πŸ’Ž
β™œβ›”: Gene ― Taffyta Muttonfudge πŸ’Ž

Ralph: Hero's Duty πŸ”’
Vanellope: Princess Dress πŸ’Ž/πŸ”’
King Candy: Turbo ✳️

King Candy: King Candy's Crown ― Turbo's Helmet (during Tower Challenge)
Gene: Taffyta's Helmet ― Drink Cup (during Tower Challenge)
Sour Bill: Lollipop Branch
Taffyta Muttonfudge: Taffyta's Helmet

β€’ The Princess and the Frog :

β™œ: Lawrence ― Big Daddy La Bouff πŸ’Ž

Lawrence: Lawrence's Hat ― Vodou Card (during Tower Challenge)
Big Daddy La Bouff: King of Mardi Gras Crown

β€’ Moana :

Moana: Chiefess ― Wayfinder

β€’ Finding Nemo :

πŸŽ‰: Gill ― Bubbles ― Deb ― Gurgle ― Bloat πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Jacques ― Nigel πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Bailey ― Destiny πŸ’Ž

Gill: Water Filter
Bubbles: Bubbles Chest
Deb: Fish Tank Seaweed
Gurgle: Mt. Wannahockaloogie
Bloat: Ceremonial Crown
Jacques: AquaScum 2003
Nigel: Crab
Bailey: Echolocation Radar
Destiny: Aquarium Pipe

β€’ Coco :

Miguel Rivera: Land of the Dead
Dante: Alebrije

β€’ Haunted Mansion :

First Idea:

β™œ: Phineas - Ezra 🐭 - Gus πŸ’Ž

Second Idea:

♻️: Phineas πŸ† - Ezra - Gus πŸ’Ž

Phineas: Travel Bag - Phineas' Top Hat (during Tower Challenge)
Ezra: Ezra's Bow Tie
Gus: Prisoner Chains

β€’ Hercules :

β™œ: Zeus - Hermes πŸ’Ž

Main stage: A stage with Greek columns
Hercules would be the first to be unlocked. He would reunite his friends to stop Hades' evil plans, being the last to be unlocked after the characters face him on stage, being he the last one to be unlocked.
In Pain and Panic's case, their mission on stage would be to defend Hades.

Zeus: Lightning Bolts ― Gods' Symbol Medal (during Tower Challenge)
Hermes: Winged Sandals

In possible future updates

Game's main storyline

   Note: This is only speculation and I do not know if these characters will be part of the main storyline or an event. But I've included them here because some franchises have few important characters, and I think they have a chance to be part of the main storyline.

Walt Disney Animation

β€’ Fantasia :

First Update: Yen Sid
Second Update: Hyacinth Hippo ― Ben Ali Gator ― Madame Upanova
Third Update: Bacchus ― Jacchus ― Melinda ― Brudus

Collection: Music Sheet
Yen Sid: Sorcerer Hat
Hyacinth Hippo: Hyacinth Hippo Tutu
Ben Ali Gator: Ben Ali Gator Hat
Madame Upanova: Madame Upanova Bow
Bacchus: Holly Crown
Jacchus: Golden Horn
Melinda: Wreath of Flowers
Brudus: Brudus Headband

And also see Chernabog as a NPC in a Bald Mountain attraction.

β€’ Fun and Fancy Free :

Willie πŸ’Ž ― Bongo ― Lulubelle ― Lumpjaw

Collection: Party Invitation βœ³οΈ
Willie: Willie's Mace
Bongo: Bongo's Unicycle
Lulubelle: Lulubelle's Flower
Lumpjaw: Tree Trunk

Another option would be to see a collection for the characters of "Bongo", and another one of "Mickey and the Beanstalk" with Willie. Accompanying Willie, I imagine the "Happy Valley Castle" attraction, with the Golden Harp on the balcony as a NPC. (And maybe also the Peasant costumes for Mickey, Donald and Goofy.)

β€’ The Wind in the Willows :

Mr. Toad ― Water Rat ― Mole ― Angus MacBadger πŸ’Ž

Collection: Toad Hall Deed
Mr. Toad: Paper Plane
Water Rat: Water Rat Hat
Mole: Mole Hat
Angus MacBadger: Angus Scarf

β€’ The Legend of Sleepy Hollow :

Collection: Pumpkin Head
Ichabod Crane: Pie
Katrina Van Tassel: Katrina's Hat
Brom Bones: Brom Bones' Hat
Headless Horseman: Headless Horseman's Sword

In the case of the Horseman, the logical thing would be to unlock him on top of his horse (it would be weird to see him walking alone). Since Mama Odie is accompanied by Juju, he can also be two characters in one. Although I do not know if it would be possible due to the size when walking through the kingdom (it would be as if Flynn were on top of Maximus), and the height it would occupy in the gallery of characters in the collections section.
Maybe his statue in the game is because there was no intention to include him. In that case, I see Brom Bones as premium.

β€’ Brother Bear :

First update: Kenai ― Koda ― Tanana πŸ’Ž
Second update: Rutt ― Tuke

Collection: Mountain Lights
Kenai: Bear Totem
Koda: Salmon
Tanana: Tanana's Stick
Rutt: ?????
Tuke: ?????

Perhaps another possibility may be an Event with these five characters, Denahi, and Sitka (being a spirit). In that case, I would see Rutt and Tuke more as premium characters.

β€’ Bolt :

First update: Bolt ― Mittens ― Rhino πŸ’Ž ― Penny

Collection: Bolt Symbol
Bolt: Mr. Carrot
Mittens: Harness
Rhino: Hamster Ball
Penny: Spy Binoculars

Pixar Animation

β€’ Cars :

First update: Lightning McQueen ― Mater ― Sally Carrera ― Chick Hicks
Second update: Finn McMissile πŸ’Ž ― Holley Shiftwell ― Luigi ― Guido
Third update: Cruz Ramirez ― Flo ― Ramone ― Fillmore

Updates placed at random. I only included the most important characters or that stand out in the merchandising.
Surely for these characters to appear in the game is necessary an area with a road through which they can move (as happens with the characters of "The Little Mermaid" in the water).

β€’ Up :

First Update: Carl Fredricksen ― Russell
Second Update: Dug ― Kevin πŸ’Ž ― Charles F. Muntz

Collection: House With Balloons
Carl Fredricksen: Carl Fredricksen's Cane
Russell: Ellie Badge
Dug: Talking Collar
Kevin: Colorful Feather
Charles F. Muntz: Charles Muntz's Cane

Walt Disney Pictures

β€’ Song of the South :

Br'er Rabbit ― Br'er Fox ― Br'er Bear πŸ’Ž

Collection: Honeycomb
Br'er Rabbit: Traveling Bag
Br'er Fox: Br'er Fox's Axe
Br'er Bear: Br'er Bear's Club

β€’ The Love Bug :

β€’ Tron :

Tron ― Kevin Flynn πŸ’Ž ― CLU ― Yori ― Sark

Collection: Data
Tron: Tron's Identity Disc
Kevin Flynn: Light Cycle
CLU: Recognizer
Yori: Program Hemlet
Sark: Sark's Identity Disc

TV Series

β€’ Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers :

Monterey Jack ― Zipper πŸ’Ž ― Gadget Hackwrench ― Fat Cat

Collection: Data
Monterey Jack: Cheese
Zipper: Zipper's Shirt
Gadget Hackwrench: Gadget's Glasses
Fat Cat: Fat Cat's Tie

The update would be ideal when the planned film adaptation is released.

β€’ Buzz Lightyear of Star Command : β›”

Mira Nova ― Booster ― XR πŸ’Ž

Collection: Star Command Symbol
Mira Nova: Wrist Laser
Booster: Rear Rockets
XR: Space Ranger Wings

β€’ Lizzie McGuire : β›”

Theme Parks

β€’ Disney Parks :

Figment ― Duffy ― Redd πŸ’Ž ― Matterhorn Yeti ― Orange Bird ― J4-K3
Cc-disney parks-l.png

Collection: Disney Castle
Figment: Figment's Shirt
Duffy: Duffy's Sailor Hat
Redd: Redd's Hat
Matterhorn Yeti: Ice Stalactites

Marvel Entertainment

Maybe if in the game is included a Land based on Avengers Campus:

β€’ The Avengers :

First Update✳️: Nick Fury ― Spider-Man πŸ’Ž
Second Update: Falcon ― Black Panther ― Doctor Strange ― Captain Marvel

Collection: Avengers Symbol
Nick Fury: Nick Fury's Patch
Spider-Man: Web-Shooter
Falcon: Falcon Wings
Black Panther: Black Panther Collar
Doctor Strange: Eye of Agamotto
Captain Marvel: Captain Marvel Symbol

Perhaps it would be better to see them in their version of "Avengers Assemble" TV series and related shows, since their designs are more similar to those of comics.
See also possible characters in Events.

β€’ Fantastic Four :

Mr. Fantastic ― Invisible Woman ― Human Torch ― The Thing πŸ’Ž ― Doctor Doom

Collection: Fantastic Four Symbol
Mr. Fantastic: Elastic Glove
Invisible Woman: Invisible Glove
Human Torch: Burning Glove
The Thing: Rock Fist
Doctor Doom: Doctor Doom Mask


β€’ Three Little Pigs :

Practical Pig ― Fifer Pig ― Fiddler Pig ― Big Bad Wolf πŸ’Ž

Collection: Sunflower
Practical Pig: Masonry Trowel
Fifer Pig: Flute
Fiddler Pig: Fiddle
Big Bad Wolf: Big Bad Wolf's Hat

β€’ Silly Symphony : β›”

Collection: G-clef
Toby Tortoise: Toby Tortoise Coat
Max Hare: Max Hare Coat
Elmer Elephant: Elmer Elephant Hat
Ferdinand the Bull: Flowers

β€’ Indiana Jones :


   Note: This is only speculation and I do not know if these characters will be part of an event or the main storyline. I'm not saying that these characters can not be part of the main storyline, and maybe some characters of any of these franchises are included in an update, others in another... But I have included them here because they are franchises with characters enough to be part of an event.

Walt Disney Animation (Golden and Dark Ages)

β€’ Pinocchio :

🎈: Pinocchio ― Jiminy Cricket ― Geppetto ― Figaro ― Blue Fairy ― Honest John πŸ’Ž ― Gideon πŸ’Ž ―
β™œ: Lampwick ― The Coachman 🐭 ― Stromboli πŸ’Ž

Main stage: Stromboli's Caravan
Geppetto is the first to be unlocked, who looks for Pinocchio. Pinocchio is locked in a cage (similar to Stromboli's cage). Jiminy is the second to be unlocked, and look for the Blue Fairy. At the end, after helping to free Pinocchio in the stage (in the case of Honest John and Gideon, they would have other tasks offstage to get Pinocchio's tokens) he is the last character to be unlocked.
And maybe get a "Real Boy" costume for Pinocchio.

Collection: Blue Star
Pinocchio: Pinocchio's Hat
Jiminy Cricket: Medal of Conscience
Geppetto: Wall Clock
Figaro: Fish in Plate
Blue Fairy: Blue Fairy's Magical Wand
Honest John: Honest John's Hat
Gideon: Gideon's Hammer
Stromboli: Fake Coin
Lampwick: Lampwick's Hat ― Cue stick (during Tower Challenge)
The Coachman: The Coachman Whip

In the case of Cleo, perhaps she can appear as a character that moves through the water of the kingdom. Or maybe as an NPC in an attraction, inside her fish tank.
Monstro is likely to appear as an attraction.

β€’ 101 Dalmatians :

🎈: Pongo ― Perdita ― Roger Radcliffe πŸ’Ž ― Anita Radcliffe πŸ’Ž ― Cruella De Vil ― Jasper ― Horace
β™œ: Nanny
♻️: Lucky ― Rolly ― Patch πŸ’Ž

Main stage: Hell Hall's living room
Pongo, the first to be unlocked, must stop Cruella to prevent her from kidnapping the puppies again. He looks for Perdita, the second to be unlocked. Jasper, the third to be unlocked, looks for Horace to help him stop the dogs. Once Horace is unlocked, the Dalmatians gathers on the main stage where Cruella is trying to attack her, and Horace and Jasper with the mission of attacking the dogs. In the case of Roger and Anita, their jobs to get Cruella's tokens would be offstage. After defeating the villains, Cruella is the last to be unlocked.

Collection: Spot
Pongo: Red Dog Collar
Perdita: Blue Dog Collar
Roger Radcliffe: Roger's Pipe
Anita Radcliffe: Anita's Glasses
Cruella de Vil: Cigarette Holder
Horace: Electric Company Briefcase
Jasper: Fire Iron
Nanny: Maid Hat
Lucky: Lucky's Bowl
Patch: Patch's Bowl
Rolly: Rolly's Bowl

A possible date for an update may be during May, 2021, during Cruella film release.

β€’ The Aristocats :

🎈: Duchess ― Thomas O'Malley ― Marie πŸ’Ž ― Berlioz ― Toulouse ― Edgar ― Scat Cat πŸ’Ž
♻️: Adelaide Bonfamille πŸ† ― Georges Hautecourt ― Roquefort πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Napoleon ― Lafayette πŸ’Ž

Main stage: Stable
Duchess or O'Malley is the first to be unlocked. After discovering that Edgar wants to kidnap cats again, she or he begin to gather everyone to confront him, Edgar being the last to be unlocked after his defeat.

Collection: Milk Bowl
Duchess: Duchess' Collar
Thomas O'Malley: O'Malley's Bow Tie
Marie: Marie's Ribbon
Berlioz: Berlioz's Ribbon
Toulouse: Toulouse's Ribbon
Edgar: Sleeping Pills
Scat Cat: Scat Cat's Trumpet
Roquefort: Roquefort's Hat
Adelaide Bonfamille: Adelaide Bonfamille's Hat
Georges Hautecourt: Georges Hautecourt's Glasses
Napoleon: Edgar's Hat
Lafayette: Edgar's Umbrella

β€’ Robin Hood :

🎈: Robin Hood ― Maid Marian ― Little John ― Friar Tuck πŸ’Ž ― Prince John ― Sheriff of Nottingham ― Alan-A-Dale πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Skippy ― Lady Kluck πŸ’Ž

Main stage: Field of archery (two archery boards, a bench, and Prince John's seat)
Little John is the first to be unlocked, and look for Maid Marian to cheer on Robin in the archery tournament. The Sheriff also looks for Prince John, to have someone to cheer for him in the archery. Once Prince John is unlocked, everyone gathers on the main stage where Robin is shooting arrows to the board, and while Prince John cheer on the Sheriff, the others cheer on Robin. Finally, Robin is unlocked last.

Collection: Archery Target
Robin Hood: Quiver
Maid Marian: Golden Arrow
Little John:
Friar Tuck:
Prince John: Prince John's Crown
Sheriff of Nottingham: Sheriff of Nottingham's Pendant
Alan-A-Dale: Mandolin
Lady Kluck: Shuttlecock
Skippy: Robin Hood's Hat

β€’ The Rescuers :

🎈: Bernard ― Miss Bianca ― Penny ― Madame Medusa ― Mr. Snoops ― Rufus πŸ’Ž ― Evinrude πŸ’Ž
πŸŽ‰: Jake ― Cody ― McLeach ― Joanna ― Wilbur πŸ’Ž

Collection: Rescue Aid Society Flag
Bernard: Bernard's Hat
Miss Bianca: Miss Bianca's Tie
Penny: Teddy
Madame Medusa: Devil's Eye
Mr. Snoops: Mr. Snoops' Glasses
Rufus: Gingersnap
Evinrude: Evinrude's Sweater
Jake: Boomerang
Cody: Golden Feather
McLeach: McLeach's Hat
Joanna: Lunch box with eggs
Wilbur: Wilbur's Scarf

β€’ The Fox and the Hound :

🎈: Tod ― Copper ― Big Mama πŸ’Ž ― Amos Slade ― Dinky ― Boomer ― Vixey πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Widow Tweed ― Chief πŸ’Ž

Main stage: The forest
Copper is the first to be unlocked. Tod is caught in a trap, and Copper and the others try to help him. Except for Amos Slade, whose mission on stage would be to try to approach him to catch him. Finally, Tod would be the last to be unlocked.

β€’ The Black Cauldron :

🎈: Taran ― Eilonwy ― Gurgi ― Fflewddur Fflam πŸ’Ž ― Horned King ― Doli ― Hen Wen πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Creeper

Main stage: Horned King's castle area with the Black Cauldron.
Eilonwy is the first to be unlocked and suspects that the Horned King has returned with his evil plans. The Horned King is conjuring in the Black Cauldron. She looks for Gurgi and Doli to find Taran. Once Taran is unlocked, begin the fight against the Horned King, being him the last to be unlocked after his defeat.

Collection: Black Cauldron
Taran: Taran's Sword
Eilonwy: Golden Pelydryn
Gurgi: Bitten Apple
Fflewddur Fflam: Fflewddur's Harp
Horned King: Horned King Brooch ✳️
Doli: Doli's Hay
Hen Wen: Magic Bowl
Creeper: ?????

β€’ The Great Mouse Detective :

🎈: Basil of Baker Street ― Dr. Dawson ― Olivia Flaversham ― Professor Ratigan ― Fidget πŸ’Ž ― Mr. Flaversham ― Mouse Queen πŸ’Ž

Main stage: Ratigan's lair
Basil would be the first to be unlocked. He would reunite his friends to stop Ratigan's evil plans, being the last to be unlocked after the characters face him on stage.
In Fidget's case, his mission on stage would be to defend Ratigan.

Collection: Magnifying Glass
Basil of Baker Street: Basil's Cap
Dr. Dawson: Dr. Dawson's Cap
Olivia Flaversham: Olivia's Hat
Professor Ratigan: Ratigan's Top Hat
Fidget: Fidget's Cap
Mr. Flaversham: Dancing Doll
Mouse Queen: Mouse Queen's Crown

β€’ Oliver & Company :

🎈: Oliver ― Dodger ― Tito ― Rita ― Francis ― Einstein πŸ’Ž ― Georgette πŸ’Ž
♻️: Fagin ― Jenny Foxworth πŸ† ― Sykes πŸ’Ž

Main stage: City Streets
Oliver is trapped somewhere between the streets of the city. Dodger is the first character to be unlocked, and goes looking for his friends to help Oliver, being him the last to be unlocked.

Collection: Sewer
Oliver: Oliver's Collar
Dodger: Doger's Scarf
Tito: Tito's Headband
Rita: Bunch of Sausages
Francis: TV With Macbeth
Einstein: Broken Racket
Georgette: Georgette's Collar
Fagin: Fagin's Hat ― Book of Sparky (during Tower Challenge)
Jenny Foxworth: Jenny's Recipe ✳️
Sykes: Lighter

Walt Disney Animation (Renaissance and Experimental Ages)

β€’ The Hunchback of Notre Dame :

🎈: Quasimodo ― Esmeralda ― Phoebus πŸ’Ž ― Hugo πŸ’Ž ― Victor ― Laverne ― Frollo
β™œ: Clopin ― Djali πŸ’Ž

Main stage: The street of the Feast of Fools, or the bell tower of Notre Dame.
Frollo wants to defeat Esmeralda. Quasimodo is the first to be unlocked, he looks for the gargoyles to help him, Laverne and then Victor, then Esmeralda is unlocked, and finally Frollo after his defeat.

Collection: Bell
Quasimodo: Wooden Cup
Esmeralda: Tambourine
Phoebus: Phoebus' Sword
Hugo: Ace of Hearts
Victor: Brick
Laverne: Pigeon
Frollo: Dancer Scarf
Clopin: Clopin Puppet ― Clopin Mask (during Tower Challenge)
Djali: Djali's Earring

β€’ Tarzan : β›”

🎈: Tarzan ― Jane Porter ― Terk ― Clayton ― Professor Porter πŸ’Ž ― Kala πŸ’Ž ― Kerchak

Main stage: Jungle
Clayton (that would be the last to be unlocked) wants to hunt the gorillas, and the other characters face him on stage.

At the moment it is impossible for the franchise to be included because Tarzan's rights belong to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. So Disney and Gameloft would have to pay for the characters' rights to appear in the game.

β€’ Dinosaur :

🎈: Aladar ― Neera ― Zini ― Yar πŸ’Ž ― Plio πŸ’Ž ― Suri ― Kron
β™œ: Eema ― Url πŸ’Ž

Main stage: Rocky wasteland
Neera is the first to be unlocked. She needs to get to the Nesting Grounds, where Aladar is located, and she starts to gather his family members to find the way, and finally ask Kron to guide them to get there. In the scenario, the characters would have the mission to find a route to the Nesting Grounds, and finally unlock Aladar last.

β€’ Atlantis: The Lost Empire :

🎈: Milo Thatch ― Kida ― Audrey Ramirez ― Mole MoliΓ¨re πŸ’Ž ― Vinny Santorini ― Dr. Joshua Sweet πŸ’Ž ― Rourke
β™œ: Cookie Farnsworth ― Mrs. Packard 🐭 ― Mr. Whitmore πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Helga Sinclair

Main stage: An Atlantean-style stage
Milo is the first to be unlocked. He begins to gather his friends to stop Rourke in his plan to get the Heart of Atlantis. On stage the characters would face Rourke, being he the last to be unlocked.

Collection: Atlantean Crystal
Milo Thatch: Shepherd's Journal
Kida: Kida's Spear
Audrey Ramirez: Wrench
Mole Molière: Molière's Glasses
Vinny Santorini: Dynamite Cartridge
Dr. Joshua Sweet: Stethoscope
Rourke: Missing Page
Cookie Farnsworth: Cooking Pot
Mr. Whitmore: Mr. Whitmore's Cane
Mrs. Packard: Communication Radio
Helga Sinclair: Helga's Gun

β€’ Treasure Planet :

🎈: Jim Hawkins ― John Silver ― Morph πŸ’Ž ― Dr. Delbert Doppler ― Captain Amelia ― B.E.N. πŸ’Ž ― Mr. Arrow
β™œ: Sarah Hawkins

Main stage: A place with a great treasure (lots of gold, jewels, chests...)
Jim would be the first to be unlocked. After discovering the location of a treasure, he gathers his friends to go in his search before Silver, who also goes in search of the treasure, finds it for him. On stage, the characters would face Silver to get the treasure, so he would be the last character to be unlocked.

Collection: Flint's Treasure Map
Jim Hawkins: Solar Surfer
John Silver: Silver's Family Recipe
Morph: Purp
Dr. Delbert Doppler: Laser Pistol
Captain Amelia: Sextant
B.E.N.: Memory Chip
Mr. Arrow: Mr. Arrow's Tricorne
Sarah Hawkins: Waitress Hat ― Adventures Storybook (during Tower Challenge)

I do not include Scroop because I have my doubts with him, in terms of movements, appearance in Event, appearance in Tower Challenge... But... Nor do I rule out his possible appearance.

β€’ Home on the Range :

🎈: Maggie ― Mrs. Calloway ― Grace ― Buck ― Lucky Jack πŸ’Ž ― Alameda Slim ― Rico πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Pearl Gesner ― Jeb πŸ’Ž

Main stage: An old west stage, with sand floor, a Saloon or Sheriff's Office in the background, some cactus on the sides...
Maggie is the first to be unlocked, and gathers her friends to confront Slim, who has escaped from prison. They would have the mission of facing Slim, who would be the last to be unlocked.
In Rico's case, his mission on stage would be to defend Slim.

Collection: Cowbell
Maggie: Vegetable
Mrs. Calloway: Mrs. Calloway's Hat
Grace: Straw
Buck: Rein
Lucky Jack: Burning Peg Leg
Alameda Slim: Alameda Slim's Guitar
Rico: Rico's Hat
Pearl Gesner: Garden Fork ― Apple Basket (during Tower Challenge)
Jeb: Can

β€’ Chicken Little :

🎈: Chicken Little ― Abby Mallard ― Runt of the Litter ― Fish Out of Water ― Buck Cluck πŸ’Ž ― Foxy Loxy ― Goosey Loosey πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Mayor Turkey Lurkey
♻️: Kirby πŸ† ― Tina ― Melvin πŸ’Ž

🎈: Chicken Little: Baseball suit

Main stage: Baseball field
Abby is the first to be unlocked. She must help Chicken Little at the baseball game, and she gathers Runt and Fish to help him by participating in the game. Afterwards, Foxy is unlocked, who expects Chicken Little to fail while she also participates in the game. Chicken Little is on the baseball stage (with his baseball suit) prepared with the bat. After everyone participates on the baseball stage, Chicken Little is unlocked in last place. And after that, can unlock his baseball suit.

Collection: Acorn
Chicken Little: Soda Jet-pack
Abby Mallard: Modern Mallard Magazine
Runt of the Litter: Anti Stress Bag
Fish Out of Water: Scuba Helmet
Buck Cluck: Buck Cluck's Necktie
Foxy Loxy: Baseball Bat
Goosey Loosey: Dodgeball Ball
Kirby: ?????
Tina: ?????
Melvin: ?????
Mayor Turkey Lurkey: Speech Signs

β€’ Meet the Robinsons :

🎈: Lewis ― Wilbur Robinson ― Bowler Hat Guy ✳️ ― Carl ― Franny Robinson πŸ’Ž ― Grandpa Bud ― Frankie the Frog πŸ’Ž
πŸŽ‰: Uncle Joe ― Aunt Billie ― Uncle Gaston ― Uncle Art ― Grandma Lucille πŸ’Ž
♻️ or β™œ: Fritz & Petunia πŸ†βœ³οΈ ― Cousin Laszlo 🐭✳️ ― Cousin Tallulah πŸ’Ž

Main stage: The Robinsons' garden, with the time machine
Wilbur would be the first to be unlocked. When the Bowler Hat Guy steal the time machine in the stage, Wilbur tries to find Lewis to stop him. For this Grandpa Bud is unlocked to ask him about the other time machine, and then Carl for the same. Finally, once Lewis is unlocked, the characters face the Bowler Hat Guy, who is aboard the time machine, being the last to be unlocked.

Pixar Animation

β€’ A Bug's Life :

🎈: Flik ― Atta πŸ’Ž ― Dot ― Francis ― Slim ― Heimlich ― Hopper πŸ’Ž
πŸŽ‰: Manny ― Gypsy ― Rosie ― Dim ― P.T. Flea πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Molt ― Ant Queen πŸ’Ž

Main stage: P.T. Flea's circus
Dot is the first to be unlocked, and to help the ant colony collect food, it occurs to her to ask her friends from the circus to put on a show, selling tickets for food, unlocking Francis, Slim, Heimlich and finally to Flik.
Manny seeks out his friends to practice circus numbers, unlocking Rosie, Dim, and finally, Gypsy.

Collection: "Seed" Rock
Flik: Leaf Cap
Atta: Atta's Crown
Dot: Flik's Telescope
Francis: Flower Hat
Slim: Flower Collar
Heimlich: Bee Stinger
Manny: Manny's Turban
Gypsy: ?????
Rosie: ?????
Dim: ?????
Hopper: ?????

β€’ Ratatouille :

🎈: Remy ― Linguini ― Colette ― Chef Skinner ― Anton Ego ― Emile πŸ’Ž ― Django πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Gusteau

Main stage: Gusteau's restaurant (a table and several kitchen stoves)
Linguini, the first to be unlocked, knows that Anton Ego is on his way to make a criticism, and wants to give him a good dinner. Looking for Little Chef, ask for help from Colette, the second to be unlocked. Skinner know about it, and wants to cook to be the one who has a better dinner for Ego, being the third to be unlocked. Once Remy is unlocked, all the characters cook while Ego waits at the table. Once satisfied with dinner, he is the last to be unlocked.

β€’ Brave :

🎈: Merida ― Queen Elinor ― King Fergus ― The Witch πŸ’Ž ― Lord MacGuffin ― Lord Macintosh πŸ’Ž ― Lord Dingwall
β™œ: Maudie

🎈: Merida: Comfy

Main stage: Ring of Stones
Merida is the first to be unlocked. King Fergus is facing Mor'du (a NPC) on stage. Merida gathers the others to help her. Once the mission is over, King Fergus is the last one to be unlocked. After that, the player can get Merida's Comfy costume.

Collection: Fire Fall
Merida: Merida's Bow
Queen Elinor: Queen Elinor's Crown
King Fergus: King Fergus' Helmet
The Witch: Piece of Wood
Lord MacGuffin: ?????
Lord Macintosh: ?????
Lord Dingwall: ?????

β€’ Monsters, Inc. :

🎈: Squishy ― Don Carlton ― Art ― Terri and Terry ― Dean Hardscrabble πŸ’Ž ― Johnny Worthington πŸ’Ž ― Sheri Squibbles

Squishy: OK Shirt
Don Carlton: Don Carlton's Glasses
Art: MU Flag
Terri and Terry: OK Flag

Just like in "Star Wars" C-3PO and R2-D2 are part of the main storyline, and the characters in the sequels and "The Mandalorian" are part of an Event collection, I think it would be nice to see the characters of "Monsters University" in an Event, separated from the collection with characters from the original film.

β€’ Inside Out :

🎈: Joy ― Sadness ― Bing Bong πŸ’Ž ― Disgust ― Fear πŸ’Ž ― Anger ― Riley Andersen
β™œ: Jangles the Clown ✳️

Main stage: Riley's Mind
Joy is the first to be unlocked. She tries to get Riley to have a nice day, and the other emotions begin to be unlocked to make her feel great. Once teamwork is done, Riley is the last one to be unlocked.

Collection: Thoughts Console
Joy: Joy Memory Orb
Sadness: Sadness Memory Orb
Bing Bong: Rocket Wagon
Disgust: Disgust Memory Orb
Fear: Fear Memory Orb
Anger: Anger Memory Orb
Riley Andersen: Hockey Stick

β€’ The Good Dinosaur :

🎈: Arlo ― Spot ― Butch πŸ’Ž ― Nash ― Ramsey ― Pet Collector πŸ’Ž ― Thunderclap

Main stage: Field
Arlo is the first to be unlocked. Spot is attacked by Thunderclap on stage. After that, Nash and Ramsey are unlocked to help Arlo. After them, Thunderclap. After the jobs on stage, Spot is the last to be unlocked.

Walt Disney Pictures

β€’ Mary Poppins :

🎈: Mary Poppins ― Bert πŸ’Ž ― Jane Banks ― Michael Banks ― George Banks ― Winifred Banks ― Uncle Albert πŸ’Ž

Mary Poppins: Jolly Holiday 🎈
Bert: Jolly Holiday ✳️

Main stage: Banks' living room
Jane is the first to be unlocked. She looks for Michael to play, which is the second to be unlocked. After playing, they return home so their mother does not worry, which is the second to be unlocked. After sending Winifred to a job, for example "Prepare for the suffrage movement", she wonders where George is, which is the next to be unlocked. After saying that he is very busy at the bank, and his wife also confesses to being busy, they both decide that they need someone to take care of the children. Finally, Mary is the last to be unlocked, and later her "Jolly Holiday" costume.

Collection: Magic Bag
Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins' Umbrella
Bert Banks: Chimney Sweep Broom
Jane Banks: Jane Banks' Hat
Michael Banks: Twopence
George Banks: Fixed Kite
Winnifred Banks: Suffragette Sash
Uncle Albert: Cold Tea Cup

β€’ Pete's Dragon :

🎈: Pete ― Elliott ― Nora ― Lampie πŸ’Ž ― Dr. Terminus ― Hoagy πŸ’Ž ― Lena Gogan

Main stage: Passamaquoddy street
Pete would be the first to be unlocked. When he sees that Lena Gogan, the second to be unlocked, is after him, Pete must look for Elliott, who is on the stage sitting next to some lobster traps, to his friend protect him. To do this, he goes in search of Nora, the second to be unlocked, to help him find Elliott. Nora tells her that they should hurry up, as she has seen Dr. Terminus, the fourth to be unlocked, who wants to capture Elliott. On stage, Pete, Nora and Lampie's mission is to protect Elliott, Dr. Terminus and Hoagy's mission is to search for Elliott, and Lena Gogan's mission is to search for Pete. After that, Elliott is the last to be unlocked.

Collection: ?????
Pete: Roasted Apple
Elliott: Burnt Stick
Nora: Paul's Photo
Lampie: Hip Flask
Dr. Terminus: Miraculous Ingredients Book
Hoagy: Miraculous Tonic
Lena Gogan: Bill of Sale

β€’ Who Framed Roger Rabbit : β›”

🎈: Roger Rabbit ― Eddie Valiant πŸ”’ ― Judge Doom ― Smarty ― Greasy πŸ’Ž ― Psycho ― Wheezy ― Stupid πŸ’Ž

Main stage: Factory with several barrels of Dip
Roger is the first to be unlocked. Doom has the plan to get rid of the Toons with the Dip (in addition, it would be interesting if he says that his plan is to get rid of the inhabitants of the kingdom, since most of them are Toons). Roger must avoid it by looking for his henchmen, so the members of the Toon Patrol are the next to be unlocked one by one. On stage, Roger (and Eddie, if he has been unlocked) would have the mission to fight against Doom, while the weasels have the mission to protect him. Finally, Judge Doom would be the last to be unlocked.

Collection: Collision
Roger Rabbit: Hit Stars
Eddie Valiant: Toon Revolver
Judge Doom: Dip Barrel
Smarty: Soap
Greasy: Switchblade
Psycho: Straight Razor
Wheezy: Cigarette Butt
Stupid: Bat With Nail

I do not include Jessica Rabbit because she is one of the reasons why the Company finds it difficult to make a sequel because of the possible bad acceptance that she may have for the public in these times because of her "sensuality".
I also do not include Baby Herman for his personality, since he may also worry developers that he may be badly accepted in these times. But so that not all are villains in the collection... Maybe also a β™œ for him?
In any case, it is difficult to see this collection because Roger Rabbit's rights are shared between Disney and Amblin Entertainment.

β€’ Hocus Pocus :

🎈: Max Dennison ― Dani Dennison ― Allison Watts ― Thackery Binx πŸ’Ž ― Winifred Sanderson ― Mary Sanderson ― Sarah Sanderson πŸ’Ž

Main stage: A cemetery
A Halloween Event. Max is the first to be unlocked. When Winifred Sanderson has returned, Dani and Allison are unlocked to fight it, and Mary to warn Winifred. Once defeated by the characters (in Mary and Sarah's case, their mission on stage would be to defend Winifred), she is the last one to be unlocked.

β€’ James and the Giant Peach :

🎈: James ✳️ ― Miss Spider ― Centipede ― Grasshopper ― Mrs. Ladybug πŸ’Ž ― Earthworm πŸ’Ž ― Glowworm

Main stage: The Giant Peach
Centipede is the first to be unlocked, and needs help guiding the peach, which is driven by seagulls tied with threads. Unlocking Miss Spider to reinforce the threads, Glowworm to light the way, Grasshopper to play music on the trip, and being James the last to be unlocked.

β€’ The Chronicles of Narnia : β›”

🎈: Peter Pevensie ― Susan Pevensie ― Edmund Pevensie ― Lucy Pevensie ― Aslan πŸ’Ž ― The White Witch ― Mr. Tumnus πŸ’Ž

Main stage: Lantern Waste
Lucy is the first to be unlocked. Upon discovering that the White Witch has returned, she must reunite her siblings to confront her, being the last character to be unlocked.

β€’ The Wild : β›”

🎈: Samson ― Ryan ― Benny ― Bridget πŸ’Ž ― Nigel πŸ’Ž ― Kazar ― Blag

Main stage: Wildebeests' Lair
Ryan is trapped by Kazar in his lair. Samson is the first to be unlocked, and he must ask Benny, the second to be unlocked, for help in finding Ryan. Both decide to consult Blag, the third to be unlocked, who guides them to Kazar's lair. Kazar must prevent it, and is the fourth to be unlocked. On stage, the characters are on a mission to rescue Ryan, except for Kazar, who is on a mission to stop him. Finally, Ryan is the last to be unlocked..

β€’ Enchanted :

🎈: Giselle ― Robert Philip ― Prince Edward ― Pip πŸ’Ž ― Queen Narissa ― Nathaniel πŸ’Ž ― Nancy Tremaine

Main stage: Castle's well
Narissa wants to send everyone to another world through the well to take revenge. The characters are unlocked one by one to fight against Narissa, who is the last one to be unlocked.

β€’ A Christmas Carol :

Main stage: London street with "Scrooge & Marley"
Scrooge is the first to be unlocked, mentioning that now that he is a new man, he is ready to celebrate Christmas. The Ghost of Christmas Past is the second to be unlocked, mentioning that he wants to remind others of how his Christmas was in the past. Scrooge is still excited about Christmas, and should focus on celebrating it now, the Ghost of Christmas Present being the third to be unlocked, who mentions that he wants to bring the Christmas spirit into the present. Scrooge wants to wish Bob Cratchit happy holidays, which is the fourth to be unlocked. Afterwards, Scrooge and Cratchit want to meet with Tiny Tim to celebrate Christmas, being the last one to be unlocked.

β€’ The Muppets :

🎈: Kermit the Frog ― Miss Piggy ― Fozzie Bear ― Gonzo πŸ’Ž ― Walter ― Animal πŸ’Ž ― Rowlf the Dog
πŸŽ‰: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew ― Beaker ― Scooter ― Sam the Eagle ― Swedish Chef πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Pepe the King Prawn ― Rizzo the Rat πŸ’Ž

πŸ’Ž/πŸ”’: Kermit: Captain Smollett ✳️
πŸ’Ž/πŸ”’: Gonzo: The Great Gonzo ✳️

Main stage: A theater stage
Walter is the first to be unlocked. Kermit is on stage waiting for the others to do a great show, and Walter must gather the rest of the Muppets. Once the show is over, Kermit is the last one to be unlocked.
Costumes available after the event.

β€’ Frankenweenie :

🎈: Victor Frankenstein ― Sparky ― Elsa Van Helsing πŸ’Ž ― Persephone πŸ’Ž ― Toshiaki ― Edgar "E" Gore ― Mr. Rzykruski

Main stage: Victor's Laboratory
Victor is the first to be unlocked, mentioning that he must prepare his next science project. Before starting, Victor wants to ask Mr. Rzykruski for advice, who is the second to be unlocked. The next to be unlocked are Edgar and Toshiaki, mentioning that they want to do better science projects than Victor. After all this, Sparky is the last to be unlocked.

TV Series

I mainly include series that have been referenced in the theme parks, as has happened with the inclusion of Angel or the "DuckTales" character collection in the game.
Additionally, I try to focus on the main characters of each TV series or franchise.

β€’ Adventures of the Gummi Bears :

🎈: Zummi Gummi ― Tummi Gummi ― Cubbi Gummi ― Gruffi Gummi πŸ’Ž ― Sunni Gummi πŸ’Ž ― Grammi Gummi ― Duke Igthorn
β™œ: Cavin ― Gusto Gummi πŸ’Ž

Main stage: Forest
Zummi, who is the first to be unlocked, gather the other Gummi Bears to face Duke Igthorn on stage, which would be the last to be unlocked.

β€’ Darkwing Duck :

🎈: Darkwing Duck ― Gosalyn Mallard ― Negaduck ― Bushroot ― Megavolt πŸ’Ž ― Liquidator πŸ’Ž ― Quackerjack

Main stage: Street alley
Gosalyn is the first to be unlocked. When she discovers that Negaduck wants to get rid of Darkwing Duck, she looks for her father to warn him. Darkwing is the second to be unlocked, and the other villains the third and fourth so that Darkwing can interrogate them about where Negaduck is. Finally, Darkwing and Gosalyn fight against Negaduck and the other villains on the stage, with Negaduck being the last to be unlocked.

β€’ Gargoyles :

🎈: Goliath ― Hudson πŸ’Ž ― Brooklyn ― Broadway ― Lexington ― Bronx πŸ’Ž ― Demona
β™œ: Elisa Maza ― David Xanatos πŸ’Ž

Main stage: High part of the Clock Tower
Lexington is the first to be unlocked. Goliath is on stage permanently turned into a stone statue. Trying to figure out what happened, he goes in search of his friends, with Broadway being the second to be unlocked. Broadway says Lexington told him he saw Demona hanging around and followed her, so they both decide to look for Lexington to find out what happened, being the third to be unlocked. Lexington tells them that he has discovered that Demona has bewitched Goliath, they go looking for her, who is the fourth to be unlocked. On stage, Demona fights the other gargoyles, who surround the Goliath statue to protect him. In the end, Goliath ends up being unlocked.

β€’ Kim Possible :

πŸŽ‰: Kim Possible ― Ron Stoppable ― Rufus πŸ’Ž ― Dr. Drakken ― Shego
β™œ: Wade

Kim Possible: Super suit πŸ’Ž/πŸ”’ ✳️

Main stage: Drakken's Lair
Ron is the first to be unlocked, and he needs to find Kim to fight against Drakken. Before that, Ron looks for Rufus, the second to be unlocked. Shego is the second, and she looks for Drakken to warn that Team Possible is going after them, with Drakken being the third to be unlocked. Finally, Kim is the last to be unlocked.

β€’ Phineas and Ferb :

πŸŽ‰: Phineas Flynn ― Ferb Fletcher πŸ’Ž ― Candace Flynn ― Perry the Platypus ― Dr. Doofenshmirtz
β™œ: Major Monogram

Main stage: Garden separated by a fence
Phineas is the first to be unlocked, and as soon as he says "I know what we're gonna do today", Candace is the second to be unlocked, and after saying she will try to catch her brothers. Phineas asks "Where's Perry?", and after that, Perry (with the appearance of Agent P) is unlocked, and after him, Doofenshmirtz.

I discard an appearance of "Normal Platypus" for Perry, since he would move better through the kingdom with his appearance of secret agent. Although it would be nice a job of "Don't do much", acquiring that aspect and staying still.

β€’ Sofia the First : β›”

🎈: Princess Sofia ― Princess Amber ― Prince James πŸ’Ž ― Clover πŸ’Ž ― King Roland ― Queen Miranda ― Cedric
β™œ: Baileywick

Main stage: Hall of the Castle of Enchancia
Princess Amber is the first to be unlocked. When Sofia falls trapped in a spell on the stage, she must seek help to rescue her. First Queen Miranda, then they look for King Roland, and he asks Cedric to cast a spell to rescue her. In the stage, everyone is in charge of rescuing Sofia, she being the last one to be unlocked.

β€’ Elena of Avalor : β›”

🎈: Princess Elena ― Naomi Turner πŸ’Ž ― Princess Isabel ― Chancellor Esteban ― Zuzo πŸ’Ž ― Francisco Flores ― Luisa Flores

Main stage: Hall of the Castle of Avalor
Princess Isabel is the first to be unlocked. Because of a problem with the Amulet of Avalor, Elena is trapped in a painting (similar to her family in her debut movie) in the stage. Her family is unlocked one by one to help her. And finally, she being the last character to be unlocked.

β€’ Vampirina : β›”

🎈: Vampirina Hauntley ― Boris Hauntley ― Oxana Hauntley ― Poppy Peepleson ― Bridget ― Demi πŸ’Ž ― Gregoria πŸ’Ž

Main stage: Hauntleys' House
A Halloween Event. Vampirina has the problem of having turned into a bat and not being able to return to her normal form. The other characters are unlocked to help her find a solution. And finally, being Vampirina the last one to be unlocked.

Marvel Entertainment

Maybe if in the game is included a Land based on Avengers Campus:

β€’ The Avengers :

🎈: Iron Man ― Captain America ― Thor ― Hulk πŸ’Ž ― Black Widow πŸ’Ž ― Hawkeye
β™œ: Ant-Man ― The Wasp πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Scarlet Witch ― Vision πŸ’Ž

Collection: Avengers Symbol
Iron Man: Iron Man Helment
Captain America: Captain America Shield
Thor: Mjolnir
Hulk: Bruce Banner ID Card
Black Widow: Widow's Bite
Hawkeye: Hawkeye Bow and Arrows
Ant-Man: Ant-Man Helment
The Wasp: The Wasp Helment
Vision: Mind Stone
Scarlet Witch: ?????

Perhaps it would be better to see them in their version of "Avengers Assemble" TV series and related shows, since their designs are more similar to those of comics.
See also possible characters in Game's main storyline.

β€’ Guardians of the Galaxy :

🎈: Star-Lord ― Gamora ― Drax the Destroyer ― Rocket Raccoon πŸ’Ž ― Groot πŸ’Ž ― Mantis ― Ronan the Accuser

Collection: Cassette Tape
Star-Lord: Star-Lord Helment
Gamora: Retractable Sword
Drax the Destroyer: Drax Knives
Rocket Raccoon: Rocket Raccoon Blaster
Groot: Game Console
Mantis: ?????
Ronan the Accuser: Universal Weapon


β€’ Kingdom Hearts : β›”

🎈: Sora ― Riku πŸ’Ž ― Kairi ― Master Xehanort

🎈: Mickey Mouse: Kingdom Hearts
🎈: Donald Duck: Kingdom Hearts πŸ’Ž
🎈: Goofy: Kingdom Hearts
πŸ’Ž/πŸ”’: Pete: Kingdom Hearts ✳️

Main stage: A Keyblade Graveyard style stage
Sora is the first to be unlocked, and must gather his companions to fight Master Xehanort. Instead of the six characters that usually are in the final act on stage, in this case would participate the three heroes of the event and the three characters with costumes. They would fight against Xehanort on stage, and once done he would be the last character to be unlocked.

β€’ Disney Fairies :

🎈: Rosetta ― Iridessa ― Silvermist ― Fawn ― Vidia ― Bobble πŸ’Ž ― Clank πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Terence ― Periwinkle ✳️

Tinker Bell: Explorer 🎈 ― Winter πŸ’Ž/πŸ”’ ✳️

Main stage: Pixie Hollow meadow
A change of season is coming, and the fairies are unlocked one by one to complete their jobs. After Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist and Fawn do their missions, Vidia would be the last character to be unlocked. After that, to get Tinker Bell's Explorer costume as last prize.

β€’ Club Penguin : β›”

🎈: Rockhopper πŸ’Ž ― Aunt Arctic ― Gary the Gadget Guy ― Cadence ― Sensei ― Herbert P. Bear ― Klutzy πŸ’Ž
β™œ: Rookie

Maybe there's a chance to see the characters in the game if in the future there is a reboot of the franchise.


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One Saturday Morning: Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
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Disney Junior: Sofia the First ― Vampirina

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The Avengers (Permanent) ― The Avengers (Events) ― Fantastic Four ― Guardians of the Galaxy


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