Character Dialogue
C-king louie One wild thing about bein' a swingin' King, cousin: You never gotta wonder where your next meal is at!
C-king louie Usually, I got my monkey flunkies to bring me that sweet, sweet fruit... bit seein' as I'm swingin' solo today. I packed my own.
C-king louie If there's ANY ol' thing a banana or three can't fix, then King Louie sure ain't seen it!
C-king louie Mmmmm! ... Mmm mrrrm thmm mbrrt brrng krrrng--

Very A-Peel-ing

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-king louie
Level 3
Send King Louie to chow down.
"Chow Down"
4h M-xp25, M-magic200
Character Dialogue
C-king louie *gulp!* ... What's that? Not elocutionary enough for you, cuz?
C-king louie I was SAYIN': One more thing about bein' King is, ain't NOBODY can tell you not to talk with food in your mouth!
C-king louie It's one o' them "royal prerogatives," you dig?


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