Send characters to visit home!

Visiting home-faq-1

Send characters home by tapping on the "Send characters to visit home!" icon in the Visiting Home page or on a character's personal page in the Characters menu.

While a character is visiting home, they cannot be sent on activities, drop tokens or be leveled up.

Collect rewards from the castle!

Visiting home-faq-2

While characters are visiting home, they will still drop some magic and experience.

Collect these rewards in front of the castle, or through Merlin's gathering spell.

Return characters at any time!

Visiting home-faq-3

Have characters return from home at no cost by tapping the "Return" icon on the character cards in the Visiting Home page or on the character's personal page.

The returned character will automatically reappear in your Kingdom.


Put an End to This - This feature is unlocked in the game once Zurg is defeated. 


M-xp2, M-magic8 per character every 60m

Collection of rewards only after 12 hours. 

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