Character Dialogue
C-hei hei Buk buk buk...
C-moana What's that you've got there, Hei Hei?
C-hei hei Buk buk...
C-moana Is it something to play with? Huh? Is it?
C-hei hei Buk.
C-moana Is Moana asking you questions like you can understand her, even though you are a chicken?
C-moana ... Yeah, she definitely is. I'm gonna go take a walk before this gets weirder.

Walking Stir-Fry

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-hei hei
Level 1
Send Hei Hei to... uh... do his thing.
"We're Not Sure Either!"
60m M-xp5, Update-29-m-currency75
Character Dialogue
C-hei hei ... Buk.
C-moana Oh! Hei Hei. You found me! Even though... uh... even though you can't see where you're going.
C-moana You know, when my dad says "we use each part of the coconut," I don't think he was talking about blindfolds for chickens...
C-hei hei Buckawww!
C-moana Haha! Hey, don't take it the wrong way... You're just... uh... creative!
C-hei hei Buk.


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