Character Dialogue
C-jock Ahh... Time for my daily stroll about the neighborhood...
C-jock I'm not a guard dog, per se, but I do like to keep a close watch on everybody's property...
C-jock And should somebody trespass where they shouldna', I'll sound the alarm, to be sure!

Wanna Go Outside?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Jock on his daily stroll.
"Go on His Daily Stroll"
4h Xp5, M-magic50
Character Dialogue
C-jock Ahh... All safe and secure. Nary a rat in sight, and I've safely barked all the squirrels up their trees.
C-jock Now, I must say, I did meet two very large cats who were quite charming.
C-jock Most of the cats I've known keep to themselves, but these two were right fetchin' conversationalists.
C-jock He's a great braw lad and she's, well, she's a bonnie lass. If Lady and Tramp havnae met 'em yet, I'll have to introduce 'em.
C-jock Aye, the four of 'em might enjoy an evenin' out. An' Trusty and I'd be right happy to babysit.


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