Character Dialogue
C-maleficent Impossible! How could I have...?!
C-maleficent ... No matter. We shall see how they fare against all the powers of the underworld!!!
C-merlin Blow me to Bermuda... What a performance! At this rate, we'll have swept away this new Curse in no time!
Character Dialogue
C-kanga-ttc Oh dear... It's very misty out today. And when it's misty, it's not just Roo that catches cold... it's all of my friends, too.
C-kanga-ttc Pooh Bear in particular. He does have very nice shirts... but they're in more of a summer weight.
C-kanga-ttc I know! I'll knit him a sweater. He does deserve a belated Windsday present, after all.

Warm As a Bear Hug!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Kanga to knit a sweater for Pooh.
"Knit a Sweater for Pooh"
2h T-refresh1, Update-20-m-currency100
Character Dialogue
C-kanga-ttc There you are, Pooh! This is for you.
C-kanga-ttc I haven't finished the sleeves yet -- but in the meantime, it would make a very fetching smock. Or a tea-towel!
C-winnie the pooh-ttc Hmm? Oh, Why, thank you, Kanga. I'll be sure to wear it, just as soon as I find... Just as soon as I... Oh, bother.
C-kanga-ttc Pooh Bear? Are you all right?
C-kanga-ttc Pooh may be a bear of very little brain... but I believe he has something on his mind!


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