Character Dialogue
C-ralph-wir I don't really get half of what she says, but Yesss is a pretty nice lady!
C-ralph-wir And if she's good at finding new videos for the people on her website, I bet she's gonna be good at finding Vanellope, too.
C-ralph-wir ... As soon as her break's over, anyway. Her assistant said she spends part of each day... uh... "curating relaxation aids?"


Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-yesss-wir Welcome ALGORITHM "Yesss.bzz" UPLOAD. 2h Xp5, Update-25-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-yesss-wir Ahhh... Whale songs... Sunsets... Anime children doing homework to downtempo hip-hop...
C-ralph-wir Uh... Yesss? Hello...?
C-yesss-wir ... Aaand BREAK'S OVER! Let's talk search optimization, big guy: My P.A. gave me the TL;DR, but I wanna hear it from the source!
C-ralph-wir Uh... Okay, now I understand LESS than half of what you're talking about.
C-yesss-wir I'm TALKING about stopping those viruses! You gotta update that internal dictionary, baby!


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