Character Dialogue
C-nani-las This isn't good...I could call him, but I'd have to run all the way back to the house... and who knows what could happen by then!
C-nani-las And I haven't seen Lilo in all this time either... What am I supposed to do...?

Welcome a "Social Worker"

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-cobra bubbles-las Welcome Cobra Bubbles. 60m M-xp5, Update-19-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-cobra bubbles-las Nani. You're late.
C-nani-las MR. BUBBLES! Uh... I mean... AGENT Bubbles? I never know what I should call you when we... uh... Heh.
C-nani-las Yes. I'm late. Again. But I had a good reason this time!!!
C-cobra bubbles-las Really. Do tell.
C-cobra bubbles-las ... Quickly.


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