Character Dialogue
C-sina-moana And... done! I managed to unroll Moana's half of the tapestry without tearing it... Come over here and look with me.
C-chief tui-moana Mm... Mother always was fond of her riddles... So what could this image mean, you think?
C-chief tui-moana "Inner strength," maybe? I can't imagine what ELSE that large man holding the Kakamora ship over his head might symbolize.
C-sina-moana Uh... Sweetheart? I think you might want to be a TINY bit more literal about this...

Welcome a Demigod

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-maui-moana (You're) Welcome Maui. 2h M-xp5, Update-29-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-maui-moana Ha HAAA! Just flew all the way here carrying a curly-haired non-princess on my back, and BOY are my giant hawk wings tired!
C-maui-moana C'mon, Moana -- back me up here! As far as heroic feats of endurance go, that was, what? Top ten you've ever seen? Top five?
C-moana-moana ...
C-maui-moana Oh! Riiiight. Can't talk, because you can't move, because the Kakamora hit you with a blowdart before I rescued you. Got it!
C-maui-moana In that case, I'm just gonna interpret that VERY annoyed glare as a "top three."


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