Character Dialogue
C-wendy darling-main Peter! Oh, Peter Pan! Down here! It's Wendy -- I've been looking all over for you!
C-peter pan-main Oh! Hello there, Wendy! I almost didn't see you. What are you doing all the way down on the ground like that?

Welcome a Flyer

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-peter pan-main Welcome Peter Pan. 12h Xp50, M-magic400
Character Dialogue
C-wendy darling-main Peter, not everyone can fly quite as well as you, especially without a fresh supply of pixie dust.
C-wendy darling-main Oh, but I'm so happy to see you again, even if I have to crane my neck a little to do it.
C-peter pan-main Suppose I AM up in the air a lot. Guess I have so many happy thoughts, it's kind of hard NOT to be!


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