Character Dialogue
C-timothy q. mouse-main That's right: It's about time I introduced tonight's headliner... The one! The only! The Ninth Wonder of the Universe himself...
C-timothy q. mouse-main DUMBO THE FLYING ELEPHANT!!!
C-timothy q. mouse-main ... Uh... WHO AIN'T ACTUALLY QUITE GOT HERE YET!!!
C-timothy q. mouse-main C'mon -- give the little guy a minute, will ya? His private car's all the way at the back of the train!

Welcome a Flying Elephant

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-dumbo-main Welcome Dumbo. 24h M-xp30, M-magic250
Character Dialogue
C-dumbo-main !
C-timothy q. mouse-main Oh! There he-- (Ahem...) As I was sayin': The world's mightiest miniature mastodon... DUMBO THE FLYING ELEPHANT!!!
C-dumbo-main ...
C-timothy q. mouse-main Heh... He's the strong and silent type, y'see. It's how ya know all that success ain't gone to his head!
C-dumbo-main ...!


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