Welcome a Gardener is where the Honey Tree Troubles Event 2018 begins....

Character Dialogue
C-merlin Oh, my.... It looks as if SOMEONE has just stumbled into a brand-new adventure!
C-merlin Much as I'd like to tell his story, I'm afraid I'll have to forgo any role as narrator. Plenty of spells to cast, you know!
C-merlin However... perhaps we could welcome someone who's faced a similar problem before!

Welcome a Gardener

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-rabbit-wtp Welcome Rabbit. 6m Xp5, Update-18-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-rabbit-wtp Ahh... what a refreshing day to do some baking! Not too cold, not too misty, not too blustery...
C-rabbit-wtp And best of all... it's QUIET!
C-rabbit-wtp Why, you'd almost think nobody else was here at all!


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