Character Dialogue
C-will turner-main I feel like I'm running around in circles! If only Elizabeth were here. She'd know what to do!

Welcome a Governor's Daughter

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-elizabeth swann-main Welcome Elizabeth Swann. 4h Xp30, M-magic200
Character Dialogue
C-elizabeth swann-main Oh Will! Is that really you?
C-will turner-main It is, my love! I'm happy to see you, but I must warn you. There appears to be a Curse on this land.
C-will turner-main I fear Jack may not have been entirely honest with us about the situation regarding his missing ship.
C-elizabeth swann-main Well, it is Jack we're talking about...
C-elizabeth swann-main Judging by the darkness of this Curse, who can say if Jack is involved...?


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